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When Does Overwatch Competitive Season 22 Begin?

overwatch competitive season 22

After a two month run, Competitive Season 21 is coming to a close on May 7. There are also no longer any delays between seasons. This means that Overwatch Competitive Season 22 is slated to start immediately after, on Thursday May 7. This season should also have a two month runtime, giving around eight weeks to grind up the ladder as much as possible.

The end of Season 21 marks the end of an experimental era for Overwatch. This is the season that brought around Hero Pools and bans. After several weeks of separated bans, Blizzard ultimately decided that it would be best if the pools were unified each week between Competitive Play and the Overwatch League. They also made the pools ban one Tank, two DPS, and one Support hero each week.

But an official update came out this past week announcing more changes to the hero pool system. Going forward, the data defining the pools will only be pulled from the Overwatch League. Additionally, the hero pools will only affect Competitive Play at the Masters and Grandmaster levels. So matches with an average SR above 3500 will have bans in effect, and below will have their hero choices unhindered.

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The other major update to Season 21 was the release of Echo. Overwatch’s 32nd hero was an omnic created by Dr. Liao, and fills the DPS role. Catch up on her lore here. She is a hero with a versatile kit that rewards skill and has high mobility. There may be tweaks or nerfs to her in the future, so stay tuned and TGH will cover any updates as they are announced.

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