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When do the Overwatch Summer Games 2021 Begin?

overwatch summer games 2021

Overwatch continues to bring out the events. Even if not much else is happening with the game, Blizzard are providing in-game events and new skins for people to enjoy. The last one was the Archives event which continued as per usual. Now Overwatch fans may be wondering what the next Overwatch event is and when it will be? If Blizzard stays with the previous years then Overwatch Summer Games 2021 will be the next event, but when should it happen?

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When trying to answer the question of when an event is, looking in the past is almost always the way to go. For the first five events, Overwatch ran them all around the same time except for one. Their exact dates were August 2-August 23 2016, August 8-August 29 2017, August 9-August 30 2018 and August 4-August 25 2020 respectively. Then weirdly from July 16-August 5 in 2019. With 2020 being strange, many thought it would follow the 2019 schedule.

Instead, it went back to how it had been the previous three years in 2020 which was quite the surprise. What is even more surprising is the news about the Overwatch Summer Games 2021 event. It will be following the 2019 schedule and will be coming out a bit earlier than previously thought,

The exact date has been announced and Overwatch Summer Games 2021 will be starting, July 20.

If it is any later than those dates then fans will have gone quite a bit of time without any new content or events for the game. Considering nothing else is currently being added to Overwatch, it feels like this event should be coming sooner rather than later.

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