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What is the Overwatch Anniversary 2022 Start Date?

Overwatch Anniversary 2022 Start Date

In a bit of a surprise announcement, Overwatch will be getting the Overwatch Anniversary Event a little earlier than before and with a different vide and name. This will be the Overwatch Anniversary Remix Volume 1. Instead of just having the Anniversary event in May, as they normally do, this event will run at a much different time. Here is the Overwatch Anniversary 2022 Remix Volume 1 Start Date along with everything else coming in the first week of the event.

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  • Demon Genji
  • Evermore Reaper
  • Mage Mercy
  • Steelhardt Reinhardt
  • White Cat D.Va
  • Zealot Zenyatta


Then will come the Rotating Brawls that will allow fans to go into their favorite game modes of the past. Here is the schedule for the first week.

  • Week 1: April 5 – April 11 (Regional times may vary)
  • April 5 – Summer Games
  • April 6 – Halloween Terror
  • April 7 – Halloween Terror Challenge Missions
  • April 8 – Winter Wonderland
  • April 9 – Lunar New Year
  • April 10 – Overwatch Archives
  • April 11 – Overwatch Archives Challenge Missions


Lastly, there will be the Weekly Challenges. Each week there will be challenges surrounding different skins. These will be:

  • Nano D.Va
  • Bastet Ana
  • Combat Medic Baptiste

Around each of these will also be earnable sprays and icons. Here is how the first week will play out and presumably the weeks after, just with the different skins.

  • Play 9 Games | 2 Nano D.Va Sprays
  • Play 18 Games | Nano D.Va Player Icon
  • Play 27 Games | Nano D.Va Epic Skin

Start and End Date

Fans will need to grab up as much of these as they can and play as much as they can to collect everything. This event will run from April 5 to April 25.

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