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What is that Melody? It’s Sigma’s New Spotify Playlist

Sigma Spotify Playlist

Overwatch’s newest eccentric scientist, Sigma, has just joined an elite company. He now, along with the other 30 heroes in Overwatch, has his own Spotify playlist courtesy of Ryan Patrick. Patrick has been making Spotify playlists for the new heroes each time they have been released after spending a year getting the initial batch prepared.

Now that Sigma is on the PTR and has had a bit of his lore developed through his origin story, it’s his time to face the music. Here’s how Patrick describes Sigma’s playlist:

“The astrophysicist of fractured self, Sigma’s playlist is broken into three distinct yet cohesive contemporary/minimalist piano melodies, evoking the aspirational genius, the horrified and confused insane asylum subject, and the resolute-in-violence Talon agent. A companion piece to Mercy and Moira.

What is That Melody?

The playlist, ever so appropriately, begins with a song called Gravity – David Lang, ZOFO Duet. It’s a soft, contemplative piano melody that seems as if it were written for the scientist himself. It is, in a song, Sigma before his spiral into madness.

Sigma Spotify Playlist
The Playlist’s Cover Art Courtesy of Ryan Patrick

Then, as Patrick says in his description, the playlist takes a turn. In songs like 3 Studies: No. 2, Meditation on Haydn’s Name – George Benjamin, Javor Bracic, the mood is much tenser and shows the side of Sigma that fans see in his origin story. Conflicted, maddened and eventually consumed.

This back and forth dance continues throughout the playlist, edging on songs that are calm and soothing versus songs that inspire nervousness and excitement. The perfect caricature of Sigma. It ends bitterly with Sarabande (Version for Piano Solo) – La Monte Young, Yvar Mikhashoffa song that seems to quietly mourn the loss of the old Sigma, silently accepting that the new is here to stay indefinitely.

Want More?

Lucky for fans of this playlist, Patrick has created playlists of this caliber for each of the 31 Overwatch heroes, along with custom cover art like the one above for Sigma. Most recently, Baptiste received his own playlist right after Ashe and Bob got theirs. For these and all of Patrick’s other playlists, be sure to check out his Spotify profile and join the discussion on this latest playlist on the Reddit thread that he started earlier today.


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