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What Heroes are Banned for Week 9 of the OWL?

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At the conclusion of the Watchpoint: Hero Pool Draw immediately following Week 8’s matches, the four heroes that will be banned or disabled in Week 9 of the OWL were announced. There were a few new aspects to the way these heroes were picked. For starters, Soe’s cat, Nori, made the picks which added a bit more fun to it all. The bans did stay at two DPS, one Tank and one Support. Also, it was announced that the amounts of tickets would be base on the percentage of play rate. The percentages are listed below.

  • 10-25% Play Rate = 1 Ticket
  • 25-50% Play Rate = 2 Tickets
  • 50-75% Play Rate = 3 Tickets
  • 75%+ Play Rate = 4 Tickets

Week 9 Banned Heroes

DPS: McCree and Mei
Tank: Wrecking Ball
Support: Brigitte

For Week 9, the following teams will be playing with the above-listed bans:

  • This will be updated once the schedule is known as it has changed due to COVID-19.

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