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What Game Would Each Overwatch Hero Play In Quarantine? (Projectile)

Quarantined Heroes

As Overwatch’s hero pool expands with the game’s periodic updates, it gets much harder every hero release to define each hero as Projectile or Hit-scan. Regardless, as long as the character’s damage hits an enemy as soon as a player pulls the trigger then the hero can be classified as “hit-scan”. If not, the hero is placed in the “projectile” category.

In Part 3 of TGH’s What Game Would Each Overwatch Hero Play In Quarantine? series, it is time to take a look at these less travelled FPS character: the Projectile Damage heroes.

Doomfist: Street Fighter

Quarantined Heroes

Image via Capcom

Doomfist as a hero is almost a direct translation of a typical fighting game character stuck in a first-person shooter world. From his “Combo Breaker” voice line from Killer Instinct to his “Irin” skin paying homage to Tekken’s Jack, Doomfist is a tribute to fighting games around the world. While any fighting game could fit the bill, the One Punch master’s Rising Uppercut move resembles Street Fighter’s Shoryuken all too fondly for the game not to be chosen.

Genji: Katana Zero

Quarantined Heroes
Image via Devolver Digital

From fighting game supremacy to indie darling, Katana Zero fits Genji’s cyber-ninja aesthetic pretty well. There are plenty of ninja-esque games to choose from but Katana Zero has that flair that matches Genji’s Dragonblade ultimate to a tee. As a one-hit side scroller, Katana Zero emulates the same adrenaline that goes through a players body when they press Q as the neon ninja.

Mei: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Quarantined Heroes
Image via Square Enix

Overwatch’s environmental scientist would be right at home within the snowy setting Crystal Dynamic’s Tomb Raider sequel. The majority of the game feature some of the game’s industries best snow environments to date. As one who has a fascination for unexplained climate phenomena, Mei would love to explore the mountains of Siberia through the eyes of Lara Croft.

Pharah: Quake

Quarantined Heroes
Image via id Software

“Rocket jump? That sounds dangerous!”. Well, of course, Ms. Amari, but that doesn’t stop you from staring down a pair of hit-scan heroes in Quick Play. With both her Jump Jet and Concussive Blast abilities, Pharah seems to be the product what would happen if Quake’s champions upgraded their technology to be more stable. As a Rocket Queen herself, it would make sense to see her with the arenas of the PC classic.

Symmetra: Portal

Quarantined Heroes
Image via Valve

Symmetra’s weapon resembles a portal gun. Her teleporter is a portal which is in the same shape as those in Portal. The colour of said teleporter is either blue or orange depending on what team the player is on. There is probably not a more obvious pick than this character/game combination. There is not much more to be said. The Cake is a Lie.

Junkrat: Borderlands

Quarantined Heroes
Image via 2K Games

While Junkrat’s best friend, Roadhog, was given Fallout to play over quarantine, the Australian bomber himself could be immersed within another post-apocalyptic setting: Borderlands. Gearbox’s shooter-looter is heavily influenced by the Mad Max film series, in which, Junkrat and Roadhog also take inspiration from. As Junkrat hails from the irradiated Australian Outback, there may be no better chance to try out some guns as wacky as his grenade launcher is than by playing some Borderlands.

Hanzo: Horizon Zero Dawn

Quarantined Heroes
Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

While a whole host of games feature the bow and arrow, not many have captivated many so many people as Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn has. If Overwatch is set in the future, then the world of Horizon is set in a far more distant future than that of OW. As a connoisseur of the bow, Hanzo would surely love the gameplay of Horizon: Zero Dawn and see where the future of the weapon may go. Unfortunately for him, there’s no Scatter Arrow for the Japanese sniper to abuse yet again in this game.

Torbjörn: World of Warcraft

Quarantined Heroes
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In the Support portion of this series, it was teased that Brigitte’s game of choice could have come from the Blizzard family. While that fact still holds true, it is her father that fits perfectly within Blizzard lineage, in particular: World of Warcraft. Torb is WOW through and through, from his similarities to the Dwarf race in Warcraft (with his “Magni” skin in mind) to his ultimate referencing WOW raid: Molten Core. And who knows, if the circumstances work out, he very well could be running raids with Reinhardt and Brigitte during these times.

Echo: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Quarantined Heroes
Image via Nintendo

Overwatch newest hero, Echo, hasn’t even hit live servers, and yet, TGH is bringing everything we know about the omnic to readers everywhere. With her Tri-Shot primary fire, Echo is most definitely a projectile hero and one that is greatly anticipated within the competitive scene. Her ultimate, Duplicate, features a trope that is prominent in video games which is the ability to copy the move-set of the other characters.

As a game that features not one but two examples of this, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate works in this instance. One, gaming’s most famous shape-shifter, Ditto from Pokemon, cameos as a Pokeball character. Secondly, Kirby, which should be Echo’s character of choice, can copy other fighter’s B-move by using their inhale ability. While Echo is new to the world of Overwatch, her ultimate is tried and true to gaming as a whole and pays respect to its past. Maybe Overwatch will have a character of its own in Smash Bros. character for Kirby to replicate soon enough.


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