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What are the Hero Bans for the June Joust of the OWL?

OWL June Joust Hero Bans

Hero bans are back in the Overwatch League. Instead of having it just be for a week, these heroes will be banned for all of the games in the June Joust. For those who may not know, this will be for all of the qualifier games as well as the playoff games of the Joust. Unlike previously in 2020, these bans were not announced with much pomp and circumstance. What is staying is that it will be two DPS, one Tank and one Support hero. Here is a look at the OWL June Joust Hero Bans.

As a quick note, the heroes had to have been picked in at least 10% of the games to be eligible for a ban. Also, no hero will be removed more than once in a season so these four heroes will be back for the rest of the year starting in July.

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OWL June Joust Hero Bans
OWL June Joust Hero Bans

These are definitely some interesting hero bans. With Tracer and Sombra out of the meta, backlines will generally be safer, unless Doomfist or Genji work their way into the meta. Also, Zenyatta is someone who helps against dive along with Reinhardt so losing both of these key pieces could lead to heroes like Winston making his way back into the game as well.

What will be interesting to see is if this is something that stays for the season. With some Overwatch 2 news coming next week for the first time since Blizzconline, the question can definitely be asked, will hero bans make their way to Overwatch 2? It is clear that the OWL and Overwatch team are using this as a test year of sorts before things ramp back up. Should bans come back permanently, this could be a sign for Blizzard’s new Overwatch game.

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