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Washington Justice Week Two PreReview


The Washington Justice finally got to play this past weekend. They had to face off against the Philadephia Fusion at their home in the Met and also fight versus the Houston Outlaws. It was a solid start to their season. But the real wonder matches will happen this weekend. Paris versus Washington on Saturday and then the London Spitfire on Sunday. A much tighter paring for both days.

Washington Justice Week in Review

Philadelphia Fusion (0-0), 3-1 Victory for Philadephia Fusion

On the Justice’s preview for this week, it was outlined that Washington had an uphill battle for the victory. But once in the match. It became clear that it was more of a level fight. Though DC played well, it was clear that Philly was not in their best form.

The Washington Justice snatched Havana by holding Philadephia, Carpe’s Philadelphia, MVP of the match Carpe, just before the end of the second point. And if not for some unfortunate mistakes in Control. The Justice could have pushed the series to a map five. Even on King’s Row, the battle was fierce.

Player of the Match: Chang-hoon “rOar” Gye

Not because of his particular skill display. But for his ability to integrate so well with ELLIVOTE. It’s not an easy thing to do. Furthermore. With how well SADO played across the weekend, rOar managing to keep up was no easy fit.


Image courtesy of the Overwatch League

Houston Outlaws (0-0), 3-0 Victory for Washington Justice

What a game. A clean victory versus the Houston Outlaws. It was clear that their opponents were not feeling well or not in the best shape. But the Washington Justice didn’t just win. They won while looking clean and comfortable with their play. It is amazing how this team managed to outshine their competition in terms of team play.

Lijang tower was a great showcase of Stratus’ and Corey’s abilities. Junkertown saw the team move away from their favored Rein-Dva frontline for Rein-Orisa and still be able to cover for Corey on Widowmaker. And to top it all off was a great King’s Row series that could have ended in the first point of the map if not for some unforced mistakes from DC.

Player of the Match: Elliot “ELLIVOTE” Vaneryd

Fantastic plays from ELLIVOTE throughout the series. Great peels for Aimgod and Corey and he looked calm and collected while doing so. The fact that he is able to put up a great performance even after going for so long without official matches since last year and without his star teammate, its nothing short of amazing.

Image courtesy of the Overwatch League

Washington Justice Week Preview

Paris Eternal (1-1), February 22nd

The Paris Eternal will be a challenge for the Washington Justice. The result of this match might even determine whether or not DC stays on the upper half of the table or not. Paris has an extra week of practice over Washington. But the Justice have a home crowd advantage.

With Paris taking a victory over London Spitfire a few weeks ago, if the Washington Justice secures a victory on Saturday, they are likely to take another on Sunday.

Prediction: Washington Justice win, 3-2

Player to watch: Yeonjoon “ArK” Hong

With such a threating opponent in FDGod, Ark has a tough job this week. His more passive playstyle and almost invisible presence on the map could be a double edge sword in the head to head. Hopefully, Ark will use his low profile to keep the French Lucio Hitman at bay and well away from Corey.

Yeonjun "ArK" Hong
Image courtesy of the Overwatch League

London Spitfire (0-2), February 23rd

The big match of Sunday at the Anthem will be versus London Spitfire. This could be a risky match for Washington. London desperately wants a victory after a horrible start of the season. A cornered dog is a scary dog. This will be Justice’s match to lose.

Coming into this, London will be entering the stage with just a 40% win-rate on team fights on the currently agreed meta of Rein-Dva. Furthermore, they have very little playtime on it. On the other side is Washington how heavily favored the composition and did so just above 50% win-rate.

Prediction: Washington Justice win, 3-1

Player to watch: Elliot “ELLIVOTE” Vaneryd

ELLIVOTE is regarded as the best upcoming offtank star from Europe. BERNAR holds the same title for Korea. If, and sadly that is a big if, ELLIVOTE manages to outperform the former Philadelphia Fusion Offtank then the Hype train of the Washington Justice Tank lineup will be at full speed.

Image courtesy of the Overwatch League

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