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Washington Justice: Stage 1 Week 5 Preview

As the end of the first stage of season 2 approaches, the threat of Washington going 0-7 looms near. The time has come once again to look at the games they will play in stage 1. Will they stand a chance to end the stage with a win?

Seoul Dynasty: 3-3

2019-03-09 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Surprisingly, the Dynasty fielded a roster they had not opted before, likely because they felt the Washington Justice were a team that they could “test” the new roster against. Unfortunately, the Justice could not stand up to this team, despite their best attempts. The inconsistency within this team’s communication seems to be their downfall. This is also considering the fact that GOATs is incredibly dependent on team coordination.


Player of the Match: Janus

In spite of his team’s mixed performance, Jun-hwa “Janus” Song showed up with some incredibly strong Earthshatters during the game this week. That being said, he was often the first to die in team fights. However, that may not necessarily be attributed to him being bad at main tank, but rather a lack of coordination. A lot of teams invest a lot of resources, like healing, Zarya’s friendly bubble, etc. to keep their main tank alive. It seems the plays Janus goes for may not be worth it at times, but when it works, the plays are impressive.

Paris Eternal: 2-3

The Eternal were an incredibly impressive team within the first two weeks, going undefeated. At the start, this was attributed to their players’ Contenders background making them very well-practised at GOATs. However, it was discounted that Paris was only playing one match a week – in the last three weeks, the Eternal have six matches. Their ability to be consistent and play well is starting to show through. With this week’s loss to the Reign and the Shock, perhaps the Eternal are not the top tier team that was originally imagined.

In order to stand up to the Eternal, the Justice will need to be able to build a very good set-up to play anti-GOATs. Alternatively, they need to tighten up their GOATs game play to match up well with the Eternal’s set up. It appears that Benjamin “BenBest” Dieulafait often has similar issues to Janus, whereby he extends beyond his back line’s ability to heal him. If the Justice do what top tier teams have been doing against the Eternal – that is, focus down BenBest and George “ShaDowBurn” Gushcha’s Zarya – they stand a chance to take apart Paris’s GOATs.

Prediction: Paris 3-1 Washington

Florida Mayhem: 1-5

The Mayhem are currently sitting at the bottom of many tier lists. Between their last minute pick ups and their inconsistent lineup, the team have not been doing too well. This is also shown through their loss to the Uprising and the Outlaws this week. If they have more scrim time and practice, they might be able to have better team synergy. This is considering the addition of the off-tank Caleb “McGravy” McGarvey.

With the Justice’s incredibly challenging stage 1 schedule, the Mayhem might be their first opponent they can defeat. In order to outplay the Mayhem, the team needs to tighten up their gameplay and synchronise their front and back line. If they play better and more consistent, that’s probably all the Justice needs to stand up to the Mayhem and take them down. It will be exciting to watch this match purely in hopes that Washington will not end the stage 0-7.

Prediction: Florida 2-3 Washington

Player to Watch: The Support Players
2019-02-16 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

As mentioned before, Janus was often the first to die in their match against the Dynasty. This week, watch to see how the team can coordinate their tank and support play. Watch out for support peeling and resource use, so that they can properly utilise the talent in their tanks players – particularly Corey “Corey” Nigra and their main tank Janus.




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