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Washington Justice Player Profile: TTuba

Washington Justice announce TTuba

Ho-Sung “TTuba” Lee is the only rookie acquisition of the Washington Justice before the start of the 2020 season. Originally part of a South Korean team Seven TTuba is the most recent member of that team to reach OWL. The alumni of Seven include Glister, Creative, Bazzi, Adora and Roky.

  • Full name: Ho-Sung Lee
  • Birthday: September 21, 1999
  • Country: South Korea
  • Jersey number: 21
  • Signature Heroes: Genji, Doomfist and Pharah
  • Twitter: @OWTtuBa
  • Instagram: ttuba_0921
Washington Justice DPS
Image courtesy of Blizzard

2017 – Before Contenders

TTuba’s first appearance in competitive Overwatch was with team STEEL in APEX season 3 qualifiers back in 2017. He played under the name of Schism back then. In that tournament, his team was eliminated after a loss in playoffs versus Nc Foxes, which at the time fielded both OGE and former Toronto Defiant support Neko.

TTuba then joined Seven sometime before the first Open division South Korean qualifiers. They would end up passing qualifiers flawlessly. The team eventually won the whole of Open division, securing themselves a spot in trials for the start of 2018.

 2018 – Korean Trials

TTuba - Seven
Image courtesy of OGN

TTuba started out the year on a high note. Winning their trials ahead of teams like MVP Space, which included Yaki, BiaNcA and Oberon. Also ahead of both, Meta Athena and Bellum who fielded Na1st, Rio, Chara, Aimgod, Sayaplayer, SanSam, Marve1, among many others. In fact, the only loss the team would see would be against that Meta Bellum squad.

Once into their Contenders season, the team would find good success on stage. Ending second place in their group which included teams like RunAway. This placed them in playoffs but were swiftly taken out by Meta Bellum.

Season 2 would not be much better. Seven dropped down the standing very quickly as the now legendary teams began to appear. Element mystic, O2 Blast, MVP Space and GC Busan. Ending 5th meant the team would not only miss the playoffs but also have to fight off competitors in trials.

It was there, in trials, that the story of Seven would end. As the team dropped out of trials, the roster would split into two major sections. With some players leaving for X6-Gaming, which in itself had another implosion. Or as would be the case with Revenge, Bazzi and Adora, getting moved up to Hangzhou Spark.

For this story, TTuba was on the even small camp that moved into MVP Space.

2019 – The Curse of Obscurity

TTuba started out his new year and the new team quite well. Starting over the team’s projectile players Attune for the whole of the contender’s season and helping the team gather a second-place group finish. But come playoffs, MVP would be eliminated round one.

Image courtesy of MVP SPACE

But before the next season could get started the whole team would leave MVP Space after finishing their contract. Half the team went on to Gen.G while Yaki and BiaNcA headed to XL2. TTuba would actually hold off for a month in MVP space before leaving for the newly made O2 Blast.

In there TTuba would only play two matches, in weeks two and three. Soon after the season was over, TTuba would leave alongside climax and Joy to join Bubble Burster Gaming in China. For many players, this rapid moving on top of never being a champion has always marked a long or short spiral into retirement.

TTuba powered on through. With only two DPS players in BBG he was guarantied playtime. Sadly, the team lacked concrete reliable tanks and supports. Still, TTuba made a small space for himself to shine on Pharah and helped the team end third in the last 2019 season of Contenders.

2020 – Overwatch League Rookie

Now in 2020, TTuba has the chance to prove himself under the guidance of his old coach, Sup7eme. Three years ago he started on a small team with dedicated players. Seemingly nothing has changed. Washington is an underrated gem that might not reach for the championship this year. But they are building the stars that one day will.

You can read more about the whole of the Washington Justice in 2020 by reading their season preview.

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