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Travel Guide for OWL Fans: Washington DC

With the Overwatch League kicking off this new season this past weekend in Dallas and New York City, fans are traveling across the country, or in some cases internationally to see their favorite teams play live. Some fans may end up spending a little more time than just the games in their host city, and with that in mind here is a list of recommendations to fill the time while visiting the United States capital for the Washington Justice’s Homestand.

Memorials and Museums tend to be one of the capital’s biggest attractions outside of the world of politics and sports. As one could imagine, there is an extraordinary amount of history to cover so guests would have to pick and choose depending on their stay, with that here are some recommendations for every homestand the Justice host. 

Things to do that are free

One of the easiest activities to do is to take advantage of the national parks services. D.C. has plenty of those connected to the National Mall, however, some of them are a little off the beaten track, they are well worth the trips.

  • Washington Memorial– Arguably one of the most scenic views of the city, the Washington Monument is an iconic piece of architecture in the city and it is all held together by gravity.
  • Lincoln Memorial– If one wants to see Honest Abe himself without having to travel to Springfield, Illinois, look no further. The memorial has held several pivotal moments in history with the March on Washington ending there with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

    View of the Jefferson Memorial from the Tidal Basin.
    Photo courtesy of the National Parks Service
  • Tidal Basin– The Tidal Basin is known for its beauty given by the Japanese cherry blossom trees that were gifted to America post World War 2. This would be a prime spot to get a Pedal Boat, weather permitting, or to let someone know on their morning jog that you are on their left.
  • National Archives– Here resides the Declaration of Independence.
  • US Capitol Building– If you ever wanted to be in the room where it happens, this is as close as you can get. The geographical center of the city offers an interesting perspective on policy and the current coming and goings of congress.
  • Smithsonian Museums-The Hope Diamond, the National Portrait Gallery, Air and Space Museum are all curated by the Smithsonian, starting with the Natural History Museum and going from there is the recommended choice.

Things to do that are under $50

  • Washington Wizards game Feb. 21, 7 pm EST- NBA game against the Cleveland Cavilers 
  • Washington Capitals game April 4, 7 pm EST- NHL game against the Florida Panthers
  • Washington Nationals games all at 7:05 pm EST for the following dates April 6, June 19 and June 22-MLB games against the Miami Marlins, Atlanta Braves and the Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Crumbs and Whiskers– If you are looking to get some friendly pets in, book in advanced and you can get a 15 minute cuddle session in with a cat or 70 minute stay for less than $25!

Local Eats

Ben's Chili Bowl
The original Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street. Photo by Leigh Vogel
  • Ben’s Chili Bowl– A local favorite for politicians that has earned its reputation for a must-visit destination
  • Toki Underground– Claims to be “D.C.’s Original Ramen House” and can satisfy your noodles craving
  • Union Market– If you are looking for relatively cheap but local food, this is the spot to go to.
  • Pop’s Sea Bar– For those of you wanting to experience seafood on the east coast on a budget, look no further.

All For The ‘Gram

Dupont Underground live event space
Photo courtesy of Daniel Lobo
  • Bonsai National Museum-For nature lovers, this unique stop claims to be an “oasis of calm in the middle of [the] nation’s capital.” It may not be a bad idea to go there and relax after a full day of Overwatch.
  • DuPont Underground-The closest thing for urban exploration can be found here just a stones throw away from the national mall. This closed down subway station has transformed into an underground art gallery for the city.
  • Artechouse-An augmented reality exhibit that makes it’s name a little on the nose. Artechouse takes the building its housed in and transforms it into a breathtaking art space through the power of augmented reality. Come for the art, stay for the augmented reality cocktails at the end of the tour!

Featured image courtesy of Danita Delimont

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