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Roster Review: Washington Justice Tanks

Washington Justice Tanks

The Washington Justice tank line was one of the more heavily-criticized components of their 2019 roster. Former NYXL Main Tank sub Jun-Hwa “Janus” Song, while undeniably a talented player, would frequently play aggressively disconnected from his team. Hyang-Ki “SanSam” Kim saw similar criticisms, with many questioning his skills on his trademark D.Va.

Both Janus and SanSam came into their own, however, as Justice saw success with the Role Lock implementation. The league at large changed their tune on these two, fully embracing and recognizing them for their respective talents. Despite this, when Washington made the call to overhaul their roster for 2020, both players were sadly cut.

2020 for Justice brings an entirely new three-man tank lineup. Two of these players have actually seen some action already with the Justice, and the remainder is a league veteran previously with the Los Angeles Gladiators. Let’s dig in.


Washington Justice Tanks
Ian Cunningham // Washington Justice

Typically, you would review each player individually. With Lukas “LullSiSH” Wiklund and Elliott “ELLIVOTE” Vaneryd, this just isn’t possible.

Both hailing from Sweden, the two 20-year olds have a storied past. This includes hanging out on weekends playing video games at each other’s houses and even competing on the same soccer team with each other at a very young age.

The duo have grown up with each other, both physically in Sweden and professionally in the competitive Overwatch scene. A relationship this developed between players in the Overwatch League is fairly rare, and the Justice are no doubt intending to capitalize on this. Across Angry Titans and Team Envy, the pair has proven their worth alongside one another.

Fans initially expected to see the duo in the last moment of Overwatch League’s 2019 season following their signing in July; due to visa issues this never came to be. That being said, fans were shown what to expect from the two Swedes during the 2019 Melbourne Esports Open and the Overwatch World Cup.

Their official league debut in 2020 is, of course, highly expected and pleasantly anticipated.


Washington Justice Tanks
Robert Paul // Blizzard Entertainment

Fans of the Los Angeles Gladiators know the name rOar well. Chang-hoon “rOar” Gye was picked up to the LA-based team in 2019 after his 2018 run with Team KongDoo Panthera. As an incredibly talented Main Tank (most famously with Winston and Reinhardt), rOar led the Gladiators to two playoff showings.

rOar, at least historically in the Overwatch League, is a surefire Main Tank starter. He was acquired by the Gladiators in 2018 alongside fellow KonGdoo player Panthera player Jun-woo “Void” Kang. The two successfully battled throughout the 2019 season, partly responsible for LA’s consistent (though, perhaps, disappointing) showings stage-by-stage.

Without Void by his side, the Justice may be lining up rOar for a sub role. rOar has experience in subbing (for former Justice tank Janus, no less) during his days with LW Blue. Because of this and LullSiSH and ELLIVOTE’s important partnership synergy, it may be fair to assume that rOar will serve as a Main Tank sub.

Assumptions aside, signing rOar to a two-year deal implies big plans for former LA star. Perhaps the Justice may be looking to split up the Swedish dynamic duo after all.


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