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Overwatch League Recap: Washington Justice vs. Shanghai Dragons

Dragons Win 3-1

Starting Lineup

Corey “Corey” Nigra

Jun-hwa “Janus” Song

Hyang-ki “Sansam” Kim

Nikolai “Sleepy” Andrews

Gi-hyeong “Ado” Chon

Yeong-joon “Ark” Hong



MEKA Base featured the Dragons getting off to a hard start, during which they took the point and held for a while. The Justice did end up getting some percentage, but in the end of the day this was a fairly easy victory for the Dragons.

The Dragons went out with a Widow/Sombra/Hamster composition on Downtown, while the Justice went with some Dive-GOATs. Shanghai took the point first, and they held on for a bit despite the Justice getting an early pick. The Justice got another early pick to start of the next fight, but this time it did end up leading to the Justice taking the point. A Shanghai EMP allowed the Dragons to push in, and the Justice were shoved off the point as Shanghai sealed the deal.

Dragons Win 2-0



Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Justice elected to go with more Dive-GOATs on defense to kick off Paris, while the Dragons stuck with the Sombra, this time with some GOATs. Shanghai quickly shoved through the Washington defense and snatched a quick cap onto Point A. The Dragons then rolled onto B with several ults on deck, and they used them all well as they secured Paris in extremely short order.

The Justice decided to go with a standard GOATs comp on attack while the Dragons stuck with the Sombra. The Justice were unfortunately hesitant on their attacks, and the Dragons feasted on the somewhat passive DC offense. The Dragons did end up getting a little too aggressive for their own good, and the Justice took advantage and took Point A in OT. The Dragons then resumed their chokehold defense, although the Justice did end up taking a tick on their second attempt at Point B. Ultimately this wasn’t enough, however, and the Dragons comfortably took map two.

Dragons Win 2-1


Blizzard World

The Justice stuck with their preferred GOATs composition on defense, while the Dragons stayed with Sombra GOATs. The Justice actually put together a solid defensive hold, and a big EMP from the Dragons wasn’t enough to shove through. A Sansam Self Destruct picking up two sealed the deal, and the Justice full held Shanghai, although the Dragons did pick up two ticks in the process.

The Justice stuck with the GOATs comp on offense. The Justice ended up going back to their old very passive ways for a few pushes, but ended up pushing through with some time to spare.

Justice Win 1-0


Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Justice ended up going with a standard GOATs comp on defense, while the Dragons decided to head out with a GOATs comp featuring Doomfist of all things. The Justice defense feasted on this strange Doomfist GOATs, so eventually the Dragons swapped to Ana, giving them four supports. This comp ended up breaking the Justice defense, but DC recontested before the Dragons reached the first checkpoint. Despite this, Shanghai muscled through. The Dragons then swapped to a normal Sombra GOATs. The Justice defense was in disarray for most of Point B, but DC eventually put together a good defense and held before the second checkpoint.

All comps stayed the same as the Justice began their attack. Unfortunately their attacking woes continued for their first couple of pushes. It took some time, but the Justice did end up shoving through in one push. DC then pushed through a decent amount of B, but the Dragons put together a defense. The Justice then threw out a few questionable ultimates, and the Dragons secured the map, sealing the deal.

Dragons Win 2-1


An Unfortunate Performance

This was a little bit sad for Washington fans. The Justice were finally showing some signs of life in Blizzard World, only to beat themselves on Gibraltar thanks to exceptionally poor ultimate usage. The Justice have the tools to be at least a semi-decent team, but they are all just tossed into the tool kit willy nilly instead of being organized. They should get there, but it will take some time.


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