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Overwatch League Recap: Washington Justice vs San Francisco Shock

Washington Justice (0-3) vs San Francisco Shock (2-2)

The Washington Justice came up short against a fantastic looking San Francisco team, losing 4-0. The Shock crushed any momentum that Washington could muster and won team fights with an ultimate disadvantage. However, Washington showed some shining moments through off-tank, Hyang-ki “SanSam” Kim and Joon-hwa “Janus” Song.

Nepal 2-1 San Francisco Shock

Washington flexed their team fighting skill on Nepal and this map was the closest of the entire match. The map began on Sanctum, where Washington fought hard, however, the Shock would flip the point for the win in overtime. Washington would then head into map two where they dominated the Shock through a focused strategy and excellent ultimate usage, winning 100% to 22%. Janus completely dominated with his play on Reinhardt, with multiple double kills and disrupting the Shock’s front line. Village ended extremely close with San Francisco barely edging out the Justice. SanSam would have a great D.Va bomb that not only got two kills, but helped the Justice get a team kill seconds later. Despite their great play Washington would fall short and get team killed twice, losing village 100% to 97%.

Numbani 3-2 San Francisco Shock

Numbani marked the moment when Washington began to fall apart and San Francisco started to command the entire match. During San Francisco’s attack, Washington allowed the Shock to dictate the pace and were destroyed easily during every team fight. San Francisco’s attack was so efficient it broke the Overwatch League record for a Numbani completion.

However, the Justice wouldn’t let San Francisco’s incredible attack break their spirit. Washington would quickly take point A by taking advantage of San Francisco’s more passive play. However, after losing point A the Shock responded with a strong defense that just couldn’t seem to lose. They won multiple team fights and held the Justice down to two checkpoints.

Temple of Anubis 2-0 San Francisco

Similar to Numbani, San Francisco would absolutely decimate Washington’s defense finishing the map in just 3 minutes and 8 seconds. The Shock would break another Overwatch League record with their incredibly efficient and dominate attack.

The Shock’s defense would make quick work of Washington during almost every team fight. However, the Justice would finally create an opening with a massive Earthshatter from Janus which forced the Shock to fall back. Just as it seemed that Washington would take point A, San Francisco regrouped to defend their point one last time. The Shock’s prodigy signing, Matthew “super” DeLisi, threw down a massive earth shatter to take back their point, giving the Shock a 2-0 victory.

Route 66 3-1 San Francisco

Washington had the opportunity to bounce back and take one map from San Francisco. However, San Francisco and Super’s Reinhardt would continue to dominate the Justice. The Shock would attack quickly and finish the map with over 3 minutes.

Despite the quick finish, the Justice may have been down, but they weren’t out. Washington started their attack with by isolating the Shock’s support line and Reinhardt. The Justice took the first point rather efficiently after forcing the Shock to regroup. However, the Shock would hit back and stop any of momentum Washington created before. Finally, San Francisco would take the map win with a near team kill.


The Washington Justice couldn’t create any momentum with their 3 tank, 3 support team composition. Furthermore, stand out players like, Gi-hyeon “Ado” Chon, should be playing DPS heroes. The Justice have great individual talent with their tank line, however, they need to change their strategies and team compositions to find success later in the stage and the season.

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