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Washington Justice Homestand

In the upcoming 2020 Overwatch League season, the Washington Justice will have a whopping five homestands. This is more than any other team in the league, signifying Mark Ein and company‘s massive interest in making OWL a success in the nation’s capitol. The organization likely hopes to pull in crowds from the DMV area en masse, with no shortage of Overwatch fans across D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Jumping at five homestands is a make-or-break decision. The high risk of managing overwhelming logistics means a high reward of capitalizing on the home crowd. As a team that never has to travel outside of the United States in 2020, the viable excuses for lackluster player performance will be sparse.

Of course, five Washington Justice homestands means five chances for D.C. to prove its value as an esports host. It should come at no surprise that a city like Washington has no shortage of incredible venues; will the ones the Justice have selected help them prove their worth?


The Anthem

Washington Justice Homestand
Image Courtesy of Rockwell Group

A fittingly named space, the Anthem is an impressive concert venue with a 3,200 capacity cap located at D.C’s District Wharf. With seating akin to a standard concert or opera venue, there are plenty of angles here to watch the Justice in action.

Of course, box seats will likely be coveted (and expensive). The multi-layered front-facing seating ensures a good view for everyone in attendance. Fully stocked with some delicious-looking seafood and an incredible indoor/outdoor bar, there’s no questioning that The Anthem is one of D.C.’s premier venues.

The Anthem will be the Justice’s home for their first three home stands in February, March, and April.



Washington Justice Homestand
Image Courtesy of ESA

The Entertainment and Sports Arena (ESA) at Congress Heights is, comparably, a more traditional sports venue. With stadium seating centered around a court typically populated by the WNBA, attendees for Justice’s latter two home stands should expect a more sports-feel experience.

As more of a sports stadium, the ESA offers expanded seating at a 4,200 capacity cap. Due to the nature of this venue and the potential size of the crowd, fans should expect a rambunctious and energetic atmosphere.

The ESA is managed by Events DC, the Justice’s primary sponsor and D.C.’s most prominent events-related organization. With potentially more free reign for home stands here, there is no question that the ESA showings will be any less than those at The Anthem.


Available Now

The Justice promises that homestands in D.C. will be more than just a game, with live entertainment and a festival-like environment surrounding each team showing.  With affordable tickets available (starting at $60 for a weekend), attending a Justice event for those in D.C. seems like a no-brainer.


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