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A Data Dive into Washington Justice’s Corey

Washington Justice Corey

Few Overwatch players have seen as strong of a pivot on public opinion than Washington Justice’s Corey “Corey” Nigra. Following the Justice’s lackluster showing in Stages 1-3, fans and league critics were eager to find a source for their ill fate. Throughout this time, very few fingers were pointed at Corey. Criticism tended to bypass the 20-year-old Philadelphian and land instead with the GOATS meta he found himself in. Corey was trapped, like many other DPS players, into a Zarya role.

Even still, with the Justice facing defeat after defeat and Corey surrendering to his Russian weightlifting prison… he embraced his surroundings, buckled down and consistently performed well. This adaptability would pay off. Corey was rewarded with a pure DPS position when Stage 4’s Role Queue changed the landscape. Since then, his legacy has been set into motion.

Take a look.

Washington Justice Corey

Corey, ironically, delivered his highest damage average while on Zarya in Stage 1. This was a stage where traditional GOATS was at its strongest. Corey’s rapid energy building allowed him to dump thousands upon thousands of damage per second into the numerous tanks he found himself up against. As the meta shifted and, Corey’s statistics were lowered to more normal levels, getting a bump in Stage 4 when Washington began to perform favorably.

washington justice corey

As stated above, it’s no surprise that the culprit for Corey’s Stage 1 damage output is his Zarya. Damage averages across the league were highest here, and Corey led the curve. As the Justice falters through Stage 2 and 3, it’s clear that Corey was thrown on a number of other heroes to attempt to break their misfortune. As soon as Stage 4 rolls around, it’s farewell to Zarya and hello to Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Reaper. With a massive 11k  damage and 11 elimination averages on Hanzo, it’s no wonder Brennon “Bren” Hook felt the need to show him who’s boss.

washington justice corey

Corey’s highs and lows appear to be exaggerated versions of the league’s overall DPS averages. When GOATS was at its peak, Corey capitalized. When the Stage 3 slump hit, Corey fell.  As the Justice found its stride in the final stage, Corey led the way. He remains consistently in line with the DPS averages and at numerous times rises above it.

These statistics and more are ones that Justice fans presumably hope to see carry into 2020. As Washington continues to rebuild their team in this wild off-season, it’s comforting to know that the Corey represented above will remain a constant.


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