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Washington Justice Roster Announcements Megathread

The Washington Justice have released announcements highlighting every individual member of their roster. With a handful of somewhat obscure names on the squad, we at The Game Haus figured it might be a good idea to introduce you to these bringers of Justice with a bit more depth. Enjoy!


Joon-hwa “Janus” Song

Janus was formerly a second-string main tank for the New York Excelsior, sharing duties with Dong-gyu “Mano” Kim. Despite his backup status, NYXL used Janus often on maps or in strategies that called for calculated aggression and unconventional positioning, especially plays involving flanks or fast rotations. His aggression and proactive play should be a major boon for Washington in the current meta, where a bold front line is often the deciding factor in your team’s victory – or its defeat.


Ethan “Stratus” Yankel

Stratus is a projectile DPS specialist who formerly played for NRG, the San Francisco Shock academy team. His in-your-face play style on heroes like Pharah, Genji, and Tracer should closely mirror that of his main tank Janus, and provide the follow-through needed to capitalize on aggressive plans and rotations.

Fun Fact: One of his former usernames was “Toiletman”.


Hyang-ki “SanSam” Kim

Sansam is an off-tank specialist who most recently played for Meta Athena. While the team was relegated to the Open Division in its most recent season, MA nevertheless remains one of the most consistent providers of OWL talent ever. Former MA alumni include Kris, Sayaplayer and SNT (Florida), Arhan (Houston), Libero (NYXL), NUS (London), and EFFECT (Dallas).

Fun Fact: AF Red, SanSam’s first major team, was also home to current Guangzhou Charge coach Seung-min “Tydolla” Jung.


Corey “Corey” Nigra

Corey has played for Gladiators Legion, Renegades and Kungarna as a hitscan DPS specialist. His proficiency with Widowmaker, Sombra, and Soldier:76 will provide a nice boost in flexibility if hitscan ever become meta again, and his capacity to make heads-up plays and keep comms flowing with his team is an asset any team can enjoy.

Here’s a dive set-up Corey helped coordinate as Sombra against NRG:

Fun Fact: Corey plays at a 3.51 mouse sensitivity.


Hyeon-woo “Hyeonu” Cho

Hyeonu is a main support player who most recently played for Korean Contenders teams like WGS H2 and Meta Bellum. Like Meta Athena, Meta Bellum (their sister team) has been a prodigious provider of OWL talent – Hyeonu has seven former teammates on opposing squads (Happy, WonJaeLee, Rio, and Chara in Guangzhou, envy and AimGod in Toronto, and EFFECT in Dallas) and another former teammate (SanSam) on this roster alongside him. The bond between a main support and their off-tank is an important one, so DC will have some foundations on which to build their comms structure with Hyeonu in the lineup.

Fun Fact: Justice coach AVALLA, the first female OWL coach, also hails from Meta Bellum.


Riley “Fahzix” Taylor

Fahzix is a high-powered flex support who’s played extensively for NRG and EnVision eSports. His capability on a variety of support heroes is matched only by his drive to learn more about the game – his streams often focus on educating and helping players understand the thought processes that go into playing Overwatch at a high level. Keep an eye on him when you want to see who’s running the show in DC.

Fun Fact: Dak Dori Tang is traditionally a braised chicken dish full of vegetables and (apparently lots of) spices.


Gi-do “Gido” Mun

Gido is best known for his Zenyatta… and his Tracer. When Seoul Dynasty needed a little extra flexibility last season, Gido was often the name they called – and now DC is doing the same. While he’s listed as a support in DC’s official announcement, keep an eye on him to play whatever needs to be played to pull of the crazy plans Janus and Fahzix come up with.

Fun Fact: Gido played for OGN APEX superstars Lunatic Hai before joining most of his team in Seoul, and was part of their APEX Season 3 championship run.


Gi-hyeon “Ado” Chon

Ado is a flex DPS specialist who formerly played for the Shanghai Dragons. He joins DC as a player with an immense clutch factor – in a season full of lost fights, Ado was often one of the only things keeping the Dragons competitive. With a new squad at his back, we could see even more plays like this:

Fun Fact: Ado’s former team MVP Space is one of the oldest remaining Korean Overwatch teams, having played since APEX Season 1 in October 2016.




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Featured Image Courtesy of the Washington Justice

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