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Vancouver Titans

Rebuilding the Vancouver Titans – Part 1: Off-Tank

The Overwatch League off-season is off to a wild start. Honestly, that is putting it mildly. Almost all teams are in a hard rebuild mode, with the Vancouver Titans being one of them. At this time, the amount of information available from the Titans‘ camp regarding the future of the team can be counted on no hands. The team has three definite holes in the roster. They currently lack an off-tank, main support and a true flex DPS, not to mention possible additions to roles they have already filled. So, the task of rebuilding the Vancouver Titans is upon us.

The rebuild of the team is on all fans’ minds. Where to begin? How about at the ever-important off-tank role. This is a role that is crucial to fill for the team. Abtin “Shredlock” Shirvani is an exciting prospect, and showed signs of promise in his short time in the league for sure. Yet, he will require a top tier partner to help him in his continued growth. With that in mind, there are a few names that come to mind that could fit this role.

Lucas “NotE” Meissner

Rebuilding the Vancouver Titans

Photo: TYLER DEMOGENES for Activision Blizzard Entertainment

This is a player who has spent three years in the league. He is a true veteran, one with experience playing at the top level alongside time in the world cup. Known as an incredibly consistent player, who is very capable on heroes such as D.Va and Sigma. His time on the Dallas Fuel was not the best showing of his talents, most fans would say. Though, in 2020, he routinely established himself as one of their top players. What he would bring to the Titans is that much-needed consistency and veteran experience. This person has been through it. Been in those tough moments where a cool head is much needed. On a team populated primarily with near rookies, this experience could prove invaluable.

He could provide that solid presence that could really enable Shredlock to really fulfill his potential. Supporting him in all his aggressive endeavors in-game. Additionally, he would fit into the much theorized Canadian identity that the Titans may be going for. He has represented Canada at the world cup for years, so adding him to the roster would bring along the fan support that the team really needs.

Caleb “McGravy” McGarvey

Rebuilding the Vancouver Titans
Courtesy of the Overwatch League.

Continuing the theme of adding a veteran presence to the team, McGravy should definitely be on the Titan’s radar. His impact on the Los Angeles Valiant really can not be understated. His play, especially in 2020 was fantastic – delivering big bombs, fluxes and eating enough ultimates to fill his belly. It was somewhat of a shock when he was released into the wild world of free agency. He is a very well-rounded player who has shown prowess on each of the heroes an off-tank player is expected to play. Again, this is something the Titans really needs. A player who will be able to make plays, but more importantly enables the young talent of Shredlock.

One thing that is unique to McGravy which he brings to the team would be his identity as a remarkably positive member of the community. This year he was the recipient of the Dennis Hawelka award. One given to those who had the most positive impact on the community during the season. The Titans need all the goodwill they can get, so adding a player who is a bastion of goodwill would only bring good things.

John “Icy” Kazura

Rebuilding the Vancouver Titans
Image from Liquipedia

Moving away from the desired veteran presence to a tier 2 star with the drive to compete, Icy has been one of the strongest off-tanks in NA contenders for most of 2020. He has showcased fairly flexible hero pool and a strong ability to gel with his tank partner. This has led his team, Drifters, to multiple top-two finishes through this contenders season. Titans head coach Steven “Flubby” Coronel formerly of the now-disbanded Second Wind seems to have a knack for helping players truly embrace their potential. In his hands, Icy could continue to develop into the top tier off-tank that the team requires to play alongside the ever aggressive Shredlock.

Coming back around to the question of team identity, Icy is Canadian, again playing into that homegrown talent image that the team has seemingly been chasing since their 2020 midseason rebuild. His signing could also start to form an underdog story that would give fans further reason to cheer for this new Titans squad. Rebuilding the Vancouver Titans again so soon after it was just done is not going to be an easy task, yet these three fine folks could do well to help them achieve this goal.


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