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Overwatch League Stage Final Recap: Vancouver Titans vs San Francisco Shock

San Francisco Shock 4 – 2 Vancouver Titans

The San Francisco Shock are the Overwatch League Stage 2 winners. It was an incredible performance in another tight match between two teams who have already built quite the rivalry. The Titans should not be ashamed with their performance either, despite this Stage Final series not being as close as the Stage 1 final. Every player on the Vancouver roster had their star moments and this team will be consistently great going into many other Stages in the Overwatch League. Jay “Sinatraa” Won showcased a dominant Zarya performance in this game, and often carried the Shock out of close team fights. It was also a stellar night for Park “Viol2t” Min-ki, who took Player of the Match honors.

Lijiang Tower (San Francisco Shock 2 – 0 Vancouver Titans)

As expected both teams ran a Reinhardt 3-3 composition on Lijiang. It was a back and forth affair on the first stage of the Chinese map, with both teams showing great respect for one another. The Titans were the team to build capture percentage early here thanks to Seo “SeoMinSoo” Min-soo charging his Zarya Ultimate slightly faster than Sinatraa. However the Shock came back strong, dominating most of the next few fights to take the first stage of Lijiang Tower 100% to 59%.

The second point of Lijiang Tower was much closer. The Ultimate usage in this Goats mirror was cleaner on this map for the Titans. Each fight went triple the length of any average game as both of these teams were showcasing peak 3-3 gameplay. The Shock managed to clean sweep Lijiang 2-0 with the 100% to 99% over the Titans.

King’s Row (Vancouver Titans 5 – 4 San Francisco Shock)

This map was shaping up to go the long haul, with both Vancouver and San Francisco swiftly pushing through King’s Row on their attacks. The Shock finished the map thanks to Sinatraa doing 34% of his teams overall damage, this is compared to SeoMinSoo doing 22% of his teams overall damage. However the Titans composed themselves and came out with a dominant attack of their own. The Shock failed to dislodge Choi “JJANU” Hyeon-woo off of the high ground on the final point, and Choi was able to pressure the Shock off the point. Both teams finished with over three minutes in their time bank.

On their secoSeoMinSoond attack the Titans captured two points thanks to Park “Bumper” Sang-beom and some clutch Earthshatters. However they were held half-way between second and third point, which set a difficult target ahead of San Francisco.

SeoMinsoo flexed some Zarya muscle on the final attack of this map, finally managing to out-DPS Sinatraa. The Titans were able to hold the Shock to just four points, evening up the map score to 2-2.

Paris (Vancouver Titans 1 – 0 San Francisco Shock)

Vancouver showed the first foray away from the 3-3 Reinhardt composition by placing Bumper on the Winston for defense. Bumper managed to build Primal Rage quite quickly, as this composition is designed to do, and was able to withstand early pressure on the point. Because of this expanded HP pool and greater mobility, the Titans were able to full-hold the Shock on Paris first point.

On attack, the Titans showcased their quadruple DPS composition with Bumper on Hanzo. Somehow, someway the Titans took this point in the blink of an eye in what was the only moment of the Finals that could be described as a dumpstering.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar (San Francisco Shock 4 – 3 Vancouver Titans)

The San Francisco Shock were at their very best on this map, pushing through every point with relative ease. It was only at the very end of their attack that the Titans managed a defense. It ended up being a solid delay by the Titans, who whittled the Shock’s time bank down to one minute and thirty-eight seconds.

Vancouver found it much harder to attack on this map, having to once again rely on some clutch plays by Bumper. After being held under spaceship on second for quite a while, the Titans completed the map in overtime. The second round of attacks mimicked the first, with Vancouver struggling to push through checkpoints. And San Francisco made good of their two minute plus time bank to capture point A. San Francisco evened out the series 2-2.

Oasis (San Francisco Shock 2 – 0 Vancouver Titans)

Both points of Oasis feature back and forth, long drawn out team fighting. On the Oasis Garden stage, the Shock were able to settle Sinatraa’s Zarya on the high ground. This allowed him to output extreme damage on towards the Titans. The Shock dominated the point early and after only a slight lapse of poinsinatraat control, ended up taking the stage 100% to 83%.

On the second stage of this map, Sinatraa turned up the heat even further. Lasering down the competition with precise accuracy. In a crucial fight on this point, Sinatraa over-extended and was picked off. However in response, Viol2t fired back by solo killing SeoMinSoo to level the playing field. The Shock ended up winning that fight, and this stage, to take Oasis 2-0.

Blizzard World (San Francisco Shock 2 – 1 Vancouver Titans)

The Vancouver Titans picked this map, despite looking somewhat worse than the Shock on the 3-3 composition. Being that this map is almost exclusively 3-3 composition, this was to be a tough map for the Titans.

On attack the Shock were clutch. Despite losing the majority of fights, they were able to win the fights that mattered. Quite remarkably they managed to secure two payload objectives on this map, this was enough to mount a potential series-winning defense. On defense, it seemed that the Titans had the Shock’s number. They pushed much faster through first point and into the narrow streets phase of second point. However it was again, Sinatraa on the high ground that made all the difference. He managed to build two Graviton Surges within a minute, the latter in just 20 seconds to help secure the final fight.


The San Francisco Shock are the Overwatch League Stage 2 winners!


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