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Overwatch League Recap: Vancouver Titans vs Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty vs Vancouver Titans

Lijiang Tower (Vancouver Titans 2 – 1 Seoul Dynasty)

Lijiang Tower began on the Garden map and saw both teams playing interesting compositions. Seoul opted for an all out DPS war by fielding a Sombra, Pharah and Widowmaker. Vancouver themselves played with a Tracer and Sombra, which is a new look for them. However throughout the first point of Lijiang, Vancouver looked completely uncomfortable on this DPS composition. Byeon “Munchkin” Sang-beom had a few outstanding moments on the Widowmaker here. Seoul were able to win the first point 100 to 0 in capture percentage.

It was a SeoMinSoodifferent story on the next two stages of Lijiang Tower as the Titans were happy to see maps that favour the 3-3 composition (3 tanks and 3 supports). On the second map of Lijiang, Night Market, the Titans captured the point 100 to 99 in a scrappy contest. Again Munchkin impressed for Seoul, this time on Brigitte. Munchkin was able to Shield Bash cancel Kim “SLIME” Sung-jun’s Sound Barrier to keep Seoul in the contest. However it was not enough, as Seo “SeoMinSoo” Min-soo and the crew clutched out the round.

Control Centre was the final point of Lijiang Tower and of course the close quarters nature of this map favoured the Titans. No other team bar San Francisco can match Vancouver on the 3-3 composition and it showed as the final map of Lijiang was dominant for the Titans. SeoMinSoo is a star on Zarya, and was able to lead the Titans to a reverse sweep on Lijiang.

Temple of Anubis (Vancouver Titans 2 – 1 Seoul Dynasty)

On Anubis, both teams started on the Reinhardt 3-3 composition. In the initial fight, Seoul was able to wipe the Titans. However Lee “Twilight” Joo-seok was able to hide and pick off Ryu “Ryujehong” Je-hong before being killed himself. This gave the Titans a window to attack the point while Ryujehong was being taxied back to it. The Titans were able to pounce on this chance and steamroll through both points with 4:30 left on the clock, showcasing yet another dominant 3-3 performance.

On the Dynasty’s attack, they tried their signature Anubis strategy. They teleported Ana on to the high ground at the choke point with a Widowmaker beside her. The rest of the team then dove onto the point, and with the long sight lines on Anubis point A, the Ana was able to heal the Seoul team unabated. The Dynasty quickly pushed through the first point before running into a brick wall on second. Expounding upon their general storyline, the Titans were out matched on DPS, but after switching to a 3-3 composition were able to crush their opposition. Despite having over six minutes to complete the second point, Seoul was held quite impressively to just one.

Blizzard World (Vancouver Titans 4 – 3 Seoul Dynasty)

On another map that generally favours the 3-3 composition, Vancouver again dominated their competition. The Titans capped the first point very quickly, as if Seoul were a team toward the bottom of the ladder. They then cycled their ultimates very well, to push through the narrow corridors of the following two points. The Titans finished their attack on Blizzard world with 23 eliminations to Seoul’s 0 and nearly set a new Overwatch League record Blizzard World attack time.

SurprisingBumperly at this point of the match, Seoul captured the first point quite quickly themselves on their attack. This was thanks to a smart set play and rotation, which saw them push the Titans away from the point. Following this however, Seoul struggled to push the payload through the second phase of the map. Despite this Seoul had built quite the Ultimate advantage heading into the final point and in overtime were able to capture the third point of the map. This unfortunately was not good enough for the Dynasty, as the best they could hope for at this juncture was a draw, which would result in a Titans series win.

The Titans had to win a single fight to capture the fourth point and take this map. On what can only be descirbed as a joke composition, the Titans showed a quadruple DPS composition on attack. With their Main Tank player Park “Bumper” Sang-beom playing Widowmaker. Amazingly, it was actually a pick from Bumper on towards Ryujehong that set them up to take the point, and the series.

Junkertown (Vancouver Titans 3 – 1 Seoul Dynasty)

Playing much of the same compositions they had all series, the Vancouver Titans were confident in completing the 4-0 sweep in this match. Seoul however had to play for map wins, as they were still in a battle to make the Stage Playoffs. The Titans captured all three points after a brief defence by Seoul on each point of the map. They were able to finish with 49 seconds in their time bank. Twilight had an oustanding series and again on Junkertown, was able to outshine Ryujehong and help carry the Titans forward. Seoul really struggled on their attack, only capturing the first point. They again opted into a 3-3 mirror match, and came out on the losing end.

Closing Thoughts:

The Vancouver Titans are the best 3-3 team in the league without a shadow of a doubt. However they also continue to look shaky on DPS compositions. Only time will tell if they are able to win the upsoming stage playoffs, with DPS heroes becoming ever prevalent in the Overwatch League. Twilight is the man of the match, after particularly outstanding Temple of Anubis performance.


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