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Overwatch Vancouver Titans

One Final Roar- Vancouver Titans Week 29 Preview

Vancouver Titans Week 29

It all comes down to this. One last ride for the Vancouver Titans in Week 29. The regular season concludes after a long and tumultuous season for the Titans. From falling apart to being reborn the team has been through the wringer. Week 28 ended on a high note for the young lads from the north, with a massive upset win over the Atlanta Reign. This game saw the team playing at their most coordinated since the new roster was formed. Everyone on the team played well. With a special mention of course to the explosive power of Niclas “Shockwave” Jensen and Dalton “Dalton” Bennyhoff. Week 29 brings the Titans two chances to end their regular season on a high note, giving them confidence going into the postseason. Can these scrappy lads continue where they left off after dominating the Reign?


Vancouver Titans vs. Boston Uprising (8/21)

Vancouver Titans Week 29
Courtesy of the Boston Uprising.

To put it mildly, the Uprising have straight-up not been having a good time. With only two regular season wins to their name, the team have had very few moments where they looked competitive. They have some of the most loyal and passionate fans in the league, yet their gameplay has been less than desirable. The team just can’t seem to bring it together.

They are not lacking in talent, as at each role they have players who have either been the bright spot this season or have had past success. The team is far too passive to make an impact though. A reactionary playstyle can work but they have to actually react. Taehee “Jerry” Min will have a mighty task ahead as he will likely be the one tasked with dealing with Shockwave who will be looking to end the Uprisings hopes and dreams. Their last meeting was a sweep in favor of the Titans, making this a grudge match of sorts. As that was a loss that kept the Uprising out of the Countdown Cup.


If the Titans play as they did against the Reign then this game should be another sweep for them. On paper, their roster, especially at DPS has the edge almost across the board. With the one exception being at flex support. As the season has gone along the Titans have steadily been improving and finding their footing. They have played well against higher-ranked teams but have also been destroyed in record-setting fashion. Ending their epic three-game weekend with a win like the one against the Reign is a massive confidence boost for this team.

The mental state of a team is something that is completely undervalued in the league, and Vancouver definitely have the edge here. The Uprising could surprise and take a map, but it won’t be enough. Led by their monstrous DPS duo, the Titans will likely face little trouble in quelling the Uprising. 

Prediction: Titans 3-1 Uprising


Vancouver Titans vs. Los Angeles Valiant (8/23)

Vancouver Titans Week 29
Courtesy of the Los Angeles Valiant.

The Valiant are riding high these days. They came into the season predicted by many, including Uncle Egg, to be a bottom team. Yet as the season has gone on, they have been a most welcome surprise. Being one of the most energetic, and exciting teams to watch all season. Their rookies have been a massive success, with Kai “KSP” Collins being the standout. His capabilities on heroes such as Widowmaker, Ashe, and McRee have been extraordinary, helping the Valiant stand up to rosters with more well-known stars.

Outside of KSP though this is a very strong roster of overlooked talent. Their tank line plays so well together, with Halsey’s favorite Caleb “McGravy” McGarvey showing why many thought it was a mistake the Florida Mayhem let him go. Explosive players, plus coming off one of the most exciting games of the year in week 28, where they reverse-swept the Mayhem, make this a team looking to close out the season in dominant fashion.

All Eyes on the Sharpshooters

Being blunt, the Titans are a massive underdog in this fight. The Valiant are a strong team, who play together with exceptional teamwork. Something that is still a hit-or-miss with the Titans. They have had moments where it looks like it has all come together, but then seem overwhelmed a game later. Their best shot at an upset win is to shutdown KSP. That man is lethal and alone has shown to be able to win fights, as has the DPS of the Titans of course but this is another beast. One not easily thrown off. If they and the rest of the team can take him out of the equation, then they may stand a chance. The keyword is may.

The rest of the Valiant are no slouches, their supports and tanks have delivered far superior results than Titans on a more regular basis. Taking out KSP doesn’t guarantee victory, but it does give the DPS on the Titans the chance to do to the rest of the Valiant what KSP usually does to his enemies.

However the Valiant tend to do a really good job of not only enabling KSP but shutting down their opponent’s biggest strengths. They will do everything in their power to make sure Shockwave and Dalton have zero fun. Zero fun for them usually means zero fun for Titans fans. In short, the main keys to victory are: Shut down KSP, keep Shockwave, and Dalton happy. In the end though, the Valiant will likely fly too high for the Titans to reach. Another upset is possible, but it will likely be Wings Out in the end.

Prediction: Valiant 3-1 Titans.


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