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Home Venue Report: Vancouver Titans

Welcome back to the series that goes over the home venues of every OWL team for next season.

After going over the wonderfully weird venues that the Shock have, the Titan’s is a little bit of a backtrack into normalcy. Vancouver is only using one stadium, and this will be covering it.

Vancouver Stadium Overview

Rogers Arena Titans
Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver

Of course the first thing that comes to mind with Vancouver is the hockey. The NHL’s Canucks currently play in Rogers Arena, arguably Vancouver’s most well known sports complex. BC Place is Vancouver’s other large sporting complex, as the CFL’s Lions and the MLS’s Whitecaps FC call the stadium home. It was also the main stadium for the 2010 Olympics when they stopped in Vancouver.

And that’s honestly kind of it for major stadiums. Vancouver doesn’t carry too many major teams anymore. There’s a minor league hockey and baseball team as well, but that’s about it. Vancouver does love its sports though, there can be no denying that.

Stadium Overview: Rogers Arena

Rogers Arena Titans
Photo Courtesy of

It’s fitting that the Titans get to play in Vancouver’s best venue for them. Rogers Arena is best known for hosting the Canucks, which are Vancouver’s best internationally known team.

The Arena also currently plays host to the Vancouver Warriors of the National Lacrosse League. It also played host to the Vancouver Grizzlies NBA team until they moved to Memphis, and was the location of the ice hockey events during the 2010 Olympic Games. The arena is also commonly used as a concert venue, as one might expect from a stadium like this. It also has the added bonus of being located right in the city, potentially making it more convenient for fans.


The Titans will have both of their homesteads here, and they could not have selected a better venue for this. The Titans have received the treatment that they truly deserve from their hometown.

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