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Vancouver Titans Week 10 Preview

Vancouver Titans Week 2 Pre-Review

The last time the Vancouver Titans took the stage they came away with a sweeping victory over the Los Angeles Valiant. Due to the affects of the terrible COVID-19 virus the Titans have been in hibernation… until now. At long last they return to play. They have been awoken and now they face two new challengers. With their move back to South Korea the Titans now find themselves in the wild world that is the Asian Overwatch scene. Here dragons hunt and sparks charge. The Titans will have to play their absolute best to maintain their perfect record in 2020.

Game 1: Titans (2-0 vs Charge 2-2) 4/11/2020


Courtesy of Blizzard

In the Guangzhou Charge the Titans meet a formidable foe. Their record currently doesn’t accurately showcase the level of talent that this roster possesses. With players such as Alberto “Neptuno” Gonzalez, Charlie “Nero” Zwang, Jungwoo “Happy” Lee and Jinseo “Shu” Kim this is a team that the Titans can not afford to underestimate. The closest contest will for sure come at the DPS position. The fearsome DPS of the Titans will have to be ready for Nero particularly to be a threat as he has proven to be a thorn in the side of any team he comes up against. With Mei back after a week of being banned (Praise Nori) be ready for the ice queen and Nero to be a possible problem.

Player to watch: Haksal

Courtesy of Runaway

Hyojung “Haksal” Kim has for the entirety of his career has been an all star. His Dragonblades with his signature Genji are the stuff of legends. While Nero is an exceptional player in his own right, the logical call would be to give the edge to the mad titan himself. If Haksal is able to get the better of his counterpart and the rest of his team is able to play at their usual high level then expect the Titans to come away with the victory. Though expect it to be a close game all the same.

Prediction: Titans 3- 1 Charge

Game 2: Titans (2-0) vs. Hunters (1-3) 4/12/2020

Courtesy of Blizzard

In what could prove to be one of the most entertaining games of the entire weekend the Titans once more go up against the mad lads of the Overwatch League, the Chengdu Hunters. The Hunters bring a level of unpredictability that makes them somewhat hard to prepare for. They also gave the Titans one of their greatest challenges of the 2019 season where the Ball God himself Menghan “Ameng” Ding achieved a new level of sentience and became a Reinhardt deity. That was over a year ago now but the wild playstyle of the Hunters has not changed. Will Hu “Jinmu” Yi counter a Pharmacy with a Dragonblade? How many times will Xianyao “Yveltal” Li get a resurrection off that he most definitely should not have been able to? All these questions will be answered when they face the Titans this weekend.

Player to watch: Ameng 

Ameng Lemon
Courtesy of Blizzard

With Wrecking Ball no longer on the banned heroes list for the week, the Ball God gets to play his signature hero. This usually leads to better rather than worse results for the scrappy Hunters as his disruptive playstyle compliments their dedication to bringing as much chaos as possible to the game. If he is allowed to run free and do as he pleases then the Titans could be in for a whirlwind of a game, as when forced to play off tempo the Titans have shown some weakness.

Prediction: Titans 3-2 Hunters

With the Titans finally back into the game after a fairly long break fans should be excited to see if this revamped roster can continue to pump out the victories the same way they did in 2019. They are a strong team with an aggressive playstyle that other teams have shown to have difficulty countering. Coming out of this weekend the team should be able to maintain their current undefeated record. In short… Titans Fighting!!

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