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USA OWWC Team Announces 12-man Roster, Tough Cuts Still to Come

USA OWWC 2019 Roster

On June 29, in a flurry of other teams announcements, the USA finally released their 12-man roster. And it is absolutely stacked.

OWL Talent Abounding

This roster features a wealth of OWL players, likely only rivaling South Korea for the most on one team thus far. There are some major names on this list, including two MVP candidates from the San Francisco Shock and a wide range of other top talents across the league. For some, like Corey “Corey” Nigra and Kyle “KSF” Frandanisa, this is there first chance to represent the red, white and blue in the World Cup. These 12 trying to make the starting squad and the eventual final seven, have a long road ahead yet. And, perhaps even more grueling than the tryout process, will be deciding who to cut from this group to get to that final seven.

Tough Choices

In selecting the final seven, do the two OWL MVP candidates get automatic bids, or will one of the other main tank players be able to sneak in with their more diverse hero pool? How important is, and should be, OWL team synergy between the multiple players from the Shock, Outlaws, Justice and Valiant? How does Sigma fit into the mix?

These are all going to be tough questions that the entire Team USA coaching staff have to work through between now and the final roster submission deadline. While they have some very tough choices ahead, just about any combination of players from this list should present a team ready to contend against the best of them. But, will they fare better than last year or should fans be preparing themselves for another disappointing year for the stars and stripes?




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