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(Updated) What is Overwatch 2’s Release Date?

Overwatch 2 New Look

There may not be a more anticipated game than Blizzard’s Overwatch 2. The reason for this is that Overwatch has not had many if any updates in nearly a year since the announcement with Blizzards stating the reasoning was to focus on Overwatch 2. With a game that is losing players to games that are updated more regularly and a professional League that needs content to stay relevant, a lot of people are hoping that Overwatch 2 will be coming soon. Here is a look at when the release date for Overwatch 2 could be.

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Evidence for Blizzconline or Soon After

Blizzcon is normally a time where Blizzard love to make huge reveals. It is almost exclusively where their new games have been revealed. This was where Overwatch 2 was revealed to be in development and has not had much said about it since. The thing is with Blizzcon getting moved to February there is a chance the game could be released then or soon after. Many are hoping for at least a beta but unfortunately, this does not seem likely.

More Likely Release Date

Recently, The Game Haus was made aware that the OWL likely will not be played on Overwatch 2 at all in 2021. While this may not mean anything for the game, it is hard to believe that the flagship league for Overwatch would not be played on Overwatch 2 if it was out. Other sources like Metro and even an Amazon posting for a new Overwatch Artbook that is coming out in October and offers a “sneak peek” into Overwatch 2 make it seem unlikely to be coming out soon.

The thinking now is that the game is either a Q4, holiday or early 2022 release date. There is still the possibility that it releases in the summer or at least a beta comes out soon. That being said, it is more realistic that Overwatch 2 hits stores later in 2021. A holiday release specifially would not be a major surprise.

The hope is that Overwatch 2 is able to breathe new life into a game that has been very stale compared to its counterparts like VALORANT and League of Legends. Even CSGO has been updated more in the past couple of years. Overwatch 2 will likely be a solid game and maybe even better than the original but apparently, it needs more time than people were hoping for.

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