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Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance Could Signal the Start of Overwatch’s 2019 Winter Event and/or PTR Patch Notes Going Live

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[12/4 Update: Jeff Kaplan Confirms that Overwatch’s Latest Patch Will go Live Next Week]

Currently, according to Blizzard, there will be scheduled maintenance happening across several of its titles on December 3 at 7:00 am PST until 9:00 am PST. For Overwatch players, this upcoming maintenance could indicate one of two things, either the start of the 2019 Winter Wonderland seasonal event or the latest PTR Patch Notes finally going to live servers.

Or, could it be both?

winter wonderland overwatch
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Based on past trends, the Winter Wonderland event is likely to start very soon and a December 3rd start date is not out of the question. The only thing against this being the case would be looking at past years, and this event starting on the 3rd would make it the earliest start date for the event in the game’s lifespan.

So, perhaps the more plausible case is that the latest PTR patch notes are hitting live servers with this maintenance. It’s been about three weeks since the notes first hit the PTR, so their coming out around this time is expected.

Whatever the case may be, stay tuned here at The Game Haus for live updates across Overwatch and other Blizzard titles.


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