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Under the radar OWWC players to watch

Under the Radar OWWC Players to Watch

As the final roster spots for the Overwatch World Cup (OWWC) are finalized, there are likely names and faces that are new to you. These players, like many of the Overwatch League pros we all know, had to go through tryouts and make their teams like everyone else. These are the sorts of players that will be on OWL teams in the next year or two and we would be wise to get acquainted with them now. They will not be under the radar for long.

Under the Radar OWWC Players to Watch
Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

McGravy: Team USA (Top 12)

Many Team USA fans were understandably disappointed not to see CoolMatt in the first set of 10. Seeing as McGravy is the tank that likely beat him out, he deserves some attention. McGravy has made a name for himself, working his way up through Contenders and earning the right to be team captain for EnVy. He was likely taken over CoolMatt due to his versatility and would have been a flex tank if he had remained in the final seven, although Muma and Space are understandably tough competition. Keep an eye out for McGravy this offseason when expansion teams are announced as he seeks to prove himself moving forward.

Under the Radar OWWC Players to Watch
Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

Fischer: Team Denmark (Final Seven)

Denmark is not a country that catches a lot of attention around OWWC time, but this year may be an exception. The young DPS talent, Fischer, makes the roster this year over Kragie who was arguably one of their best players last year. He was also recently signed to OpTic academy’s new Contenders team (now called GG Esports Academy). Because of this, we may not see him OWL for a season or two as he develops with OpTic, but when/if we do get ready: this kid is climbing quick.

Under the Radar OWWC Players to Watch
Image Courtesy of Polygon

xQc: Team Canada (Final Seven)

You likely know this name if you have followed OWL from the beginning or if you watch OW streams on Twitch; but it still serves to mention. For those not familiar with xQc, he is a very skilled, yet very hot-tempered, main tank. After being taken off of the roster of the struggling Dallas Fuel, he has taken to streaming primarily. This is his first reappearance in a major competitive scene and one that will be watched with keen eyes. A good showing for him and Team Canada could pave the way for a resurgence of xQc in the OWL. Keep an eye on this team when they catch some momentum.

Under the Radar OWWC Players to Watch
Image Courtesy of Dexerto

Reinforce: Team Sweden (Top 12, at least)

This is another name that you may already be familiar with if you follow the OWL. A member of the desk, Johnny “Reinforce” Larson, is a former main-tank and a Reinhardt aficionado. He has made mention on Reddit and on the desk about a desire to return to professional Overwatch and this may very well be the beginning of it. With Sweden yet to release their final roster, we will have to wait and see if Reinforce will be among the final seven. Regardless, he has done well to make it this far with his current workload.

Only time will tell whether these and many of the other more unknown players in the OWWC, will be able to compete at the highest level. You can keep up with the schedule and all things OWWC here as the action is set to begin Aug. 16th.


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