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Overwatch League Recap: Toronto Defiant vs. Washington Justice

Washington Justice vs. Toronto Defiant

Defiant –  Justice –

With Do-hyung “Stellar” Lee’s recent retirement announcement, former Los Angeles Gladiator Joon-seong “Asher” Choi made his debut with the Defiant alongside Seung-hyun “Ivy” Lee against the Washington Justice. With Stage 1 behind them, Toronto began Stage 2 on Oasis. 

Oasis: Defiant – 2 Justice – 0

Toronto Defiant vs. Washington Justice
Toronto Defiant DPS: Joon-seong “Asher” Choi

Jae-yoon “Aid” Go returned to the starting lineup for the Defiant in place of Joo-seong “RoKy” Park. Gyeong-mu “Yakpung” Jo returned to his preferred Winston pick, Toronto’s aggression would not be hindered from the newest Lucio changes.

Asher’s addition offered more availability of Hitscan heroes for the Defiant. After taking Gardens, Asher’s Soldier locked down the high ground at City Center and pinned down the Justice as they approached. Between Asher’s crossfire and Ivy’s Pharah, Toronto decisively claimed the first map of the series. 

Hanamura: Defiant – 1 Justice – 0

On Hanamura, the Defiant continued their DPS flexibility with Se-hyeon “Neko” Park beginning on Widowmaker. Without much individual success from each hero, Washington’s inability to touch the point on defense would allow Toronto to reach 99% capture at Point A leading to the eventual cap.

Toronto Defiant
Toronto Defiant flex support: Se-hyeon “Neko” Park

Much of the fight at Point B seemed nearly continuous. With eliminations coming through on both sides, Washington’s early bunker formation managed to stall Point A enough to give the Justice enough time to hold off Toronto’s final attack. The Defiant came close several times, but Washington’s quicker spawns prevented the final capture.

On defense, Neko began on Baptiste with outstanding results. Multiple key uses of his Immortality Field saved the Defiant’s defense of Point A preventing the Justice from even reaching Point B. They enter halftime leading Washington 2-0.

Blizzard World: Defiant – 3 Justice – 2

Newly acquired Jin “im37” Hong debuted his Overwatch League career on Blizzard World replacing Asher for the third map of the series. Despite Washington’s hefty bunker defense, Toronto displayed marvelous innovation utilizing multiple hitscan options between both im37 and Ivy.

It was clear Toronto entered Blizzard World with a set strategy to avoid directly contesting the high damage composition from the Justice. Their final cap was highlighted by a massive Earthsatter from Yakpung


Toronto’s defense of Point A was quickly dispatched by a pinpoint headshot onto Neko from Corey “Corey” Nigra’s Hanzo. Washington’s attack was highlighted with multiple DPS duels for control of the payload with the Justice predominantly coming out on top. Fortunately for the Defiant, a devastating EMP from envy cleared the payload and claimed the series for Toronto. 

Junkertown: Defiant – 2 Justice – 3

With victory theirs, Joo-seong “RoKy” Park rejoined Toronto with im37 remaining in as well on attack. On a push that looked lost, fans were once again witness to Neko’s clutch Baptiste gameplay.  


Neko’s flexibility was on full display to open Stage 2. As Toronto pushed through Junkertown, the Defiant flex support spent most of his time on Roadhog to accompany the high damage selections from Toronto.

An impressive display from Corey’s Widowmaker locked down the Defiant’s final defense and cleared the way for a Justice victory on Junkertown.


Throughout the series, no glaring errors really stood out for the Defiant aside from a clear lack of synergy that is sure to be ironed out over time. Neko’s newly discovered abilities on Baptiste will establish Toronto as innovators in the upcoming meta shift that has already taken hold of the league. Not to mention, Asher’s emergence and im37’s arrival each bringing new talent to the table for the Defiant going forward.


The Toronto Defiant continue their Stage 2 run with a rematch against the Boston Uprising on April 6, at 4:45 p.m. EST. Check back with The Game Haus to recap the action


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