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Top LA Valiant Plays from Week 1 of OWL 2020

Los Angeles Valiant

With the second week of the 2020 Overwatch League season starting, now is a good time to look back at the top five plays from your LA Valiant during the first week of OWL 2020. These plays will be determined by overall impact, number of kills, memery and other metrics. Without further ado, let’s begin:

#5: KSF Klutches

Haksal may have made the LA Valiant miserable over the course of their match in Week 1, but that didn’t stop KSF from getting his revenge. On the final fight for the Vancouver Titans’ second attack round on Blizzard World, the Titans were meters away from claiming second point. It was a tough fight to win considering the Titans had four ultimates including the infamous Nano-Blade combo. KSF had no interest in a fair fight though, he had Blizzard ready and waiting.

#4 KSP Cleans up on Horizon Colony

KSP certainly made an impression in his first every OWL match. Regarded as the carry for the Valiant, KSP made quite a few pop off plays to beat the Dallas Fuel. This one on Horizon Lunar Colony was no exception. While facing two shields, a Mei, and a Baptiste KSP manages to fine three kills to help the Valiant easily claim first point.

#3: Teamwork Makes Dream Work on Blizzard World

The LA Valiant quickly capped first point on Blizzard World leaving them a little under five and a half minutes to beat the Fuel’s time on second point to claim the match. Like the Fuel though, the Valiant stall out on their attack and have one last chance to claim the map and even the match score at one a piece. The Fuel have Blizzard and are about to have Graviton Surge, the Valiant meanwhile only have Sound Barrier and are about to have Earthshatter. The Valiant end up winning the fight in spectacular fashion, with every player contributing to push the cart the last few meters.

#2: GiG kills four, but was inting?

GiG is by far the most unproven player on the starting roster for the LA Valiant. He only began playing Overwatch competitively on Chicken Contendies in August of 2018 alongside the like of Harbleu and now a year and a half later is in OWL. GiG played relatively well vs against the Vancouver Titans holding his own, but had a few questionable plays. This play, though, was the best of both worlds.

#1: McGravy’s 6K vs the Dallas Fuel

Is this even a conversation? While someone like Haksal had the flashiest plays of the week (Genji not being meta for over a year will do that), McGravy’s 6K on D.Va was an achievement rarely seen. How often do you see team wipes with as single ult, not horribly often. But how often do you see six kill D.Va plays, five of which came from the bomb itself. You only find those clips on Reddit, Freshnuts, or Noobhunter. Simply put, this play was something rarely seen in the Overwatch League, so it receives the obligatory number one spot.


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