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Top 5 Korean LFT Legends

As the off-season announcements continue to be released the amount of veteran players who are still in the LTF pool increases. This is not just players that have been in Overwatch for a season or two, but legends in their own right. There is a defense to be made for every play that they are legends, but here are the top five Korean players that have a long standing legacy in the Overwatch community.

#1: Jongryeol ‘Saebyeolbe’ Park

To say that the NYXL announcement shook the community would be an understatement. SBB has been the captain and rock for the NYXL for three seasons. His positivity and leadership has made him standout in the best way possible. This, of course, still just talking about SBB as a person and not a player. Not only since his LW day but coming into the Overwatch League SBB has been able to show case his FPS abilities. His Tracer was self proclaimed to be the best in the world after winning a Season 1 stage final. It would be unimaginable just a season ago that the NYXL captain and leader would be a free agent. He is topping the list in the most marketable player who can still throw a punch in game as many different heroes.

#2: Dongjun ‘Rascal’ Kim

Rascal has had his redemption arc. From his turbulent times in London to the disaster of Dallas Fuel to becoming a two time champion with the San Francisco Shock. The community saw that Moth was also a FA during the off-season but he was picked up right away. Rascal is before the Overwatch League as well as during the League a master flex player. On any other team than the San Francisco Shock, he would be a starter such as Byungsun ‘Fleta’ Kim. Rascal is the original Sombra player in many people’s eyes and his quick ability to pick up new heroes makes him invaluable. A team that is hurting in having consistent DPS should look towards this living legend for their roster.

#3: Jehong ‘Ryujehong‘ Ryu

Ryujehong is one of the most recognizable players in the League. He is beloved by the community and respected by his peers. After taking a break from the Overwatch League the second half of the third season, he is back looking for a team. He has a larger and loyal fan base that followed from the Seoul Dynasty to the Vancouver Titans. Though, he would be one of the oldest players in the Overwatch League on his stream and in Korean Blizzard Overwatch Events he has shown that his skill can still rival those of the younger rookies. His experience as well as leadership makes him a valuable asset to any team.

#4: Junho ‘Fury’ Kim

Fury is one of those players that have an aura around him. When he moved from the London Spitfire to the Philadelphia Fusion many saw that as an hoarding of talent when it comes to off-tanks. His abilities were not able to shine as much in Season 3, but in Season 1 and 2 he not only showed his ability to win it all but also his versatility. Off-tanks and tank in general are hard to find that will be adaptive to meta change as well as have high skill ceilings, which is what Fury is known to do. He is a massive player that most teams could utilize or build around.

#5: Seyeon ‘Geguri’ Kim

How can there be a list of legends without mentioned Geguri? She broke into the scene opening doors and opportunities to other females in the future to join the Overwatch League. Her abilities were so high that he was accused of cheating and proved her innocence instead of taking the bullying. Not only that, but she has been a part of the Dragons from Season 1 when they were going through rough times until Season 3 when they made it to the finals. Her tenacity and determination helped herself improve as well as the team. She might not be the top pick up from the off-tank LFT pool but she will bring a wave of fans with her if or when she gets picked up.

LFT Legends

The Overwatch League, unlike traditional sports, have many of their fans be loyal to players over teams. These five players all must come with heavy price tags but also carrying thousands of fans with them to the new team. Their influence on the community and the respect that they garner from their peers and fans is something that only time can bring. If any team needs a face lift in either PR or a boost of fans any of these players could help.

Is there any other LFT Korean legends that was missing from the list? Sound off in the comments.


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