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Top 3 Fan-Favorite Overwatch Metas of All Time

Top Overwatch Metas

In the short four years since Overwatch’s release, there have been an abundance of different metas. Players have needed to master each one in order to compete at the highest level. In this time, players had their favorite metas and their most hated metas. 

When Overwatch had zero hero limits, it was the faster team would win. Teams utilized two Lucio’s, two Tracers, and two Winstons to dominate the point. A little more down the line there were new heroes added. This allowed extremely powerful ultimate combinations like Nano Boost and Dragon Blade. Now players face one of the most disliked metas ever with Double-Shield dominating the ladder. 

Regardless of which strategy is the strongest at the time, there will always be a few people that don’t enjoy the meta. With the help of a quick twitter poll, here are the top 3 favorite Overwatch metas of all time.

Top Voted Overwatch Metas

3rd Place: GOATS

Default Composition: Reinhardt, Zarya, D.Va, Brigitte, Lucio, Zenyatta
Popular Variants: Sombra GOATS, Winston GOATS
Biggest Weakness: Triple DPS, Better Coordinated GOATS

The third most popular composition is also probably the most overplayed in recent memory. Getting its start in Contenders after the Inaugural Season, GOATS was in the Overwatch meta for over a year. It ultimately dominated the scene until Overwatch added a role lock to the game. Now forcing teams to have 2 of each role, a 3/3 team composition was no longer even an option to use.

Top 3 Overrwatch Metas
Courtesy of Liquipedia

What made GOATS exist so long in the meta-game was the adaption of various different versions of GOATS. Adding Sombra into the mix brought a new wrinkle into the match, as teams needed to learn how to play around EMP. As people played Sombra more, teams began to add Ana back in order to land anti-heals on the opponent. GOATS slowly created a rock/paper/scissors matchup inside its own meta. 

Unfortunately for most fans, it was pretty repetitive to watch. As one of the most hotly debated metas of Overwatch, it is no surprise there are still plenty of people who loved brawling on point with Reinhardt and Brigitte. 

2nd Place: Beyblade

Deafult Composition: Reinhardt, Zarya, Reaper, Mei, Ana, Lucio
Biggest Weakness: Ranged Compositions

If one has never had the pleasure of playing with the classic toy “Beyblade”, then they truly missed out on a great time. The spinning-top game had its own show, and boy was it something. The Beyblade composition in Overwatch takes its name from the toy, as Reaper’s ultimate can sometimes be referred to as “spin to win”. 

Top 3 Overwatch Metas
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

On top of that, Ana’s Nano-Boost and Lucio’s speed boost made an ulting Reaper one terrifyingly fast top. As team’s adapted to Reaper ulting in the middle of the team, Zarya was added to provide a protective bubble to prevent any stuns or disrupts to Reaper’s Death Blossom. 

Although short-lived, Beyblade was an interesting and overall pretty fun composition to play. Unlike GOATS, there was a lot of flexibility in the composition. The second DPS could flex over to a sniper to combat the opposing Beyblade strategy, and if your team couldn’t stop their Reaper, Zarya could be replaced by D.Va with her ability to negate all of Reaper’s ultimate.

Various nerfs sent Reaper in and out of favor, but rest assured each time Reaper gets a buff, people will begin to fear Beyblade will rise once more. 

1st Place: Dive

Default Composition: Winston, D.Va, Genji, Tracer, Mercy, Zenyatta
Biggest Weakness: Counter-Dive, Anti-Dive

The winner in the Twitter poll is the oldest of all compositions – Dive. 

Top 3 Overwatch Metas
2018-07-27 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Dive was the composition of choice in the Inaugural season of the Overwatch League, and it maintained its staying power through all 4 stages. The aggressive nature of Dive put individual skill in matches on full display.

Tracer players like Jongryeol “Saebyolbe” Park  and  Nam-joo “Striker” Kwon were able to shine in this Meta. It really set them apart from other DPS players in the league. On the other hand, tanks like Jae-hee “Gesture” Hong and Indy “Space” Halpern were able to prove that tanks can make insane carry plays on Winston and D.Va as well. 

The Anti-Dive comps usually featured Mcree in hopes to stun and kill a flanking Tracer. Otherwise, it was very common to see teams play Dive as well on defense. The goal was dueling the attacking DPS and slowing their push down by taking 6v5 fights. Characters like Mcree and Soldier gave hit-scan players a chance to carry their teams as well. 

Dive really appealed to all players, because there was a little something for everyone. Every role had the opportunity to carry the fight, and that includes the supports as well. It may be some time Overwatch sees a meta that rewards mechanical skill and teamwork quite like Dive had done.

What will be next for the Overwatch Meta?

With Season 2 nearing its end and Blizzcon around the corner, players can expect some big changes to Overwatch pretty soon. Potentially even a new hero will be announced. What will their role be and how will they affect the meta? Will they have a massive impact like Brigitte and Sigma? Or will they be role players like Sombra and Ashe?

It’s exciting to speculate and brainstorm, but for now, players can only wait.

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Featured image courtesy of Stewart Volland and Blizzard Entertainment

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