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Top 25 Overwatch League Free Agents for 2021

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With the announcement of the current status of Overwatch League contracts, the offseason is certainly underway. The 2020 season was a wild one, and the upcoming offseason is surely going to be just as exciting. Already fans have seen several star players announce their free agency, and a league-wide shakeup is on the horizon. The question remains – which free agents are teams going to chase after from day one?

This list adjusts free agent value by looking at individual skill as well as intangibles both on and off stage. Also, the teams listed are best fits or guesses. The list will also be routinely updated to reflect the roster changes throughout the offseason.

Last Updated: 10/27 


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1. Viol2t

Back to back champion Minki “Viol2t” Park is a free agent in what should be a very interesting class. As a Flex Support Viol2t brings with him plenty of appeal. More importantly, this class of free agents surprisingly is not as strong at the position which gives him a nice amount of leverage. While it feels likely that San Francisco will be pushing hard to bring him back, it is also possible that he wants to explore the open market. Expect to see him signing a pretty big multi-year deal.

Potential Teams: San Francisco, Washington and Dallas

2. Fury

Jun-ho “Fury” Kim enters free agency after just a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Fusion. The former champion had a bit of an odd year in 2021, thanks to the amount of play-time split between himself and Gael “Poko” Gouzerch. Given a full-time spot, Fury will surely be a pivotal piece for several teams in rebuild mode.

Potential Teams: Florida, Dallas and NYXL

3. Meko

MekO - Liquipedia Overwatch Wiki

Tae-hong “MekO” Kim surprised everyone when he went to Houston last offseason. Sadly his addition, among many others, was not enough to push the Outlaws into contention. This offseason it still seems likely that he will be a very valuable target for many teams and hopefully he will be able to lock down a more lucrative contract with a team that is more suited to his skillset.

Potential Teams: NYXL, Dallas and Philadelphia


Hyeon-woo “JJANU” Choi is the first displaced Titan on this list, as his versatility as an off tank is tough to beat. JJANU was slated for another stellar season heading into the 2020 season with a couple brand new pieces to play around after some Vancouver roster changes. Fast-forward to August and JJANU was surely impressing onlookers, just this time playing alongside Decay and wearing a Justice uniform.

Potential Teams: Washington, NYXL and Seoul

5. Moth

Grant “Moth” Espe has no need to be nervous heading into free agency, as he could be the number one addition to any potential “all-western” teams. Even if he isn’t truly exploring many options as a free agent, Moth will certainly be back in San Francisco with a different looking contract.

Potential Teams: San Francisco, Atlanta and Toronto

6. Slime

Just behind his Runaway teammate is Sung-jun “SLIME” Kim. Coming off a quiet second half of the season with the Seoul Dynasty, SLIME is poised to make a huge splash on any new roster. The talented main support found himself benched behind Jin-mo “Tobi” Yang in his time in Seoul, so he will be itching to get another shot at being the lead support with a fresh team.

Potential Teams: Seoul, Guangzhou and Florida

7. Shu

Potentially the quietest stud flex support could be heading to a new team this offseason. Jin-seo “Shu” Kim has been a rock for the Charge the past two years, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him back in Guangzhou for 2021. But with a high-demand in top-tier flex supports, Shu could have plenty of options to play for a bigger contract.

Potential Teams: Guangzhou, Washington and Paris

8. Gargoyle

During the renaissance that was the Florida Mayhem, Beom-jun “Gargoyle” Lee was one of the major catalysts. He brought stability to a young lineup that needed it in the worst sort of way during Season 2. Now as a free agent, Gargoyle will have the chance to choose which team to grace his abilities with. He’s another player who feels like his former team, Florida, will shell out to bring back. If not then there are definitely some fun possibilities.

Potential Teams: Florida, Washington and Houston

9. Super

Matthew “Super” DeLisi might be the face of the Overwatch League at this moment. He is about to go on Jimmy Fallon for the second time and proved to everyone that he was not just a Rein one-trick. Considering San Francisco are still promoting his appearances and even the NRG owner is tweeting at him, this one feels like a done deal already. If not, then his incredible combination of skills, personality, likeability and so much more will make him the NA player to sign this offseason.

Potential Teams: San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas

10. Rascal

For Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim, flexibility is the name of the game. He can seemingly play any DPS in the game and also pick up some supports like Brigitte or Baptiste when needed. Have that much versatility makes Rascal an extremely valuable addition. Considering he has not received the most playing time while winning two championships in San Francisco, he seems like someone who could be moving on for a much bigger role. Whoever signs him is going to be ecstatic as he might be one of the best under the radar signings of the offseason.

Potential Teams: Anywhere

11. Nero
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Last season, Charlie “Nero” Zwarg really came into his own. He showed that even on a mixed roster he was still in sync with everyone on his team and that will be invaluable. Because of this, he will be a very desired player coming into this offseason. Most likely, every team will have some sort of interest in him, but if a team is looking to go with completely western players, he needs to be at or near the top of their wish list.

Potential Teams: Anywhere that needs a DPS

12. Jecse

For Seung-soo “Jecse” Lee, this year was quite a forgettable one. Houston never clicked as a team, and the support line suffered the most from the dysfunctional season. Jecse was very much the bright spot for the Outlaws, often having to frag out as Lucio in order to keep the team in the fight. Being released from the Outlaws may end up being a good thing as Jecse now can show his skills in a new city.

Potential Teams: Seoul, Boston and Florida

13. Happy

If a team is looking for an absolute hard-carry sniper, there isn’t much of a better option than Jung-woo “Happy” Lee. When Nero had to step away due to visa issues, Happy stepped up and helped the Charge finish 5th overall in 2020. Happy should have no problem finding a new home, or even re-signing with the Charge this offseason.

Potential Teams: Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai

14. Erster

As someone coming into the league with such high expectations, Joon “Erster” Jeong did well to show his highs but then at times, his lows made it seem like he was barely there. As a free agent, Erster may just need a change of scenery and should be able to find a new home quite easily this offseason. The talent is there, now someone needs to just help him unlock it.

Potential Teams: Atlanta, Boston and Dallas

15. Nenne

Yeon-kwan “Nenne” Jeong was another player who was not able to live up to his potential with the NYXL. Whether this was due to lack of playing time or maybe just not meshing well with the team, Nenne will be someone teams will be watching for. There is no doubt that he can hit heads with the best of them, now he just needs to find a team that will offer him a starting role to allow him to truly shine.

Potential Teams: LAG, Toronto and Houston

16 . Kariv
STEWART-VOLLAND For Blizzard Entertainment

Young-seo “KariV” Park may have been one of the biggest release from the Defiant this offseason. A role-star back in 2019, KariV moved to Toronto to play with Brady “Agilities” Girardi in hopes to find success with a revamped Defiant team. Unfortunately it didn’t quite pan out they way he would have liked, but now KariV can test the waters and see if he can be the carry flex support he can be once again.

Potential Teams: Guangzhou, Toronto and Paris

17. Diem

The second hit-scan specialist on the list, Min-seong “diem” Bae has a tough decision to make. He can try and stay with Shanghai after re-negotiating a new deal but stay on the bench, or try his luck with a new org and demand more playtime.

Potential Teams: Shanghai, Philadelphia and NYXL

18. Kris

Jun-soo “Kris” Choe could have easily given up after his dreadful 2019 season. But Florida believed in him, and he wanted to show the league that he could make a difference in 2020. Surely enough, Kris looked to be one of the most improved players this past season, and certainly made a case for a bit of a pay-bump heading into 2021.

Potential Teams: Florida, Seoul and LAV

19. Onigod

The Dallas Fuel brought in Stefan “Onigod” Fiskerstrand as they anticipated Decay’s departure, but he couldn’t quite fill the same role. Onigod is a very good player who didn’t get the fairest shake on a turbulent Fuel team. Don’t be surprised to see his name as one of the first to be added to a new team.

Potential Teams: Houston, Atlanta and London

20. Dogman
Dogman 2020
Photo by Ben Pursell for Blizzard Entertainment

Dustinn “Dogman” Bowerman will be another very desirable western player to teams who are searching for such a player. His abilities as a flex support are definitely there but along with this, he is someone who will bring fans to whichever team he ends up signing with. For a league that is starved for fun and interesting individuals, especially those from the west, Dogman fulfills those needs for a team and more.

Potential Teams: Atlanta, London and Toronto

21. McGravy

The Hawelka Award winner Caleb “McGravy” McGarvey is a player teams could sign to gain an immediate boost to the locker room. McGravy’s value goes outside of the game itself, and many teams across the league desperately need someone like McGravy to be the face of a franchise.

Potential Teams: LAV, Vancouver and Houston

22. Crimzo

The exciting offseason addition for Dallas heading into the 2020 is now one of the premier western flex supports on the market. William “Crimzo” Hernandez had a stellar year in his rookie campaign, even though his team couldn’t quite find the results with his help. Now as the Fuel sign two new flex supports, his return to Dallas is very much out of the question. Look for Crimzo to receive plenty of offers from western franchises looking at a rebuild.

Potential Teams: Vancouver, Houston and LAG

23. Eqo

After re-signing with the Fusion in 2020, Philadelphia doesn’t appear interested in giving Josue “Eqo” Corona another chance. The flex damage dealer scarcely played this year sitting behind several talented players. His performance in the Summer Showdown proved to not be enough for the Fusion management, and now he looks to make a mark on a new team.

Potential Teams: Toronto, London and Paris

24. Tobi

Three years of being close to greatness, the Seoul Dynasty felt like it was time to move on from veteran main support Jin-mo “Tobi” Yang. As a player that has outperformed several new additions on Seoul, he certainly can still be a cornerstone of any OWL backline. No matter the new team, expect Tobi to be starting once again thanks to his massive amount of experience.

Potential Teams: Florida, NYXL and Toronto

25. KSAA

Much like Fielder, Alhumaidi “KSAA” Alruwaili played the entirety of 2020 on massive ping. Despite this massive hurdle, he was able to prove himself as one of the main bright spots for a shaky Vancouver squad. Not receiving a new contract from Vancouver may be one of the shocking announcements from the offseason, so don’t expect KSAA to be on the free agency lists for too long.

Potential Teams: Paris, London and Houston


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