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Today is the Last day to Purchase 2019 OWL Summer Games Skins

overwatch summer games

One of Overwatch’s signature seasonal events comes to a close today. The 2019 Overwatch Summer Games, which began on July 16, is coming to a close today, August 5. This means that today is the final day to purchase the amazing batch of seasonal skins that will soon be locked.

Get Those Placements in!

Additionally, today marks the final day of the Competitive Arcade mode, Copa Lucioball. Yet, with time still left in the day, players can still get their 10 placement matches in to earn points towards golden weapons and earn Summer Games loot boxes by winning Arcade games. So, for one last ride, get out there to the digital pitch and score some goals.

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Additionally, this week wraps up the final week of the Reinhardt Bundesalder mini-challenge, where players can win nine games to earn an Epic Reinhardt skin celebrating his German heritage. Playing Arcade and Copa Lucioball are a great way to get through these as quickly as possible.

overwatch summer games
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

What’s Next?

With this seasonal event coming to a close, fans may wonder what is coming next. Looking at last year’s rotation, players could expect a new map incoming in the near future (Busan came out two weeks after last year’s Summer Games) but will otherwise likely be waiting for Halloween Terror 2019 towards the beginning of October.

Yet, with Beta Role Queue coming to servers along with Sigma on August 13, players should have plenty to do in the meantime. With so much change coming, it’s certainly looking like an exciting next few months for Overwatch fans.


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