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Tiger Nation Club Kickoff Event Predictions

The Seoul Dynasty VIP Tiger Nation Club is had their first event yesterday on Sunday January 19. The majority of this article was written before the event (the predictions and wishful thinking). After the event, the author went in to edit the end, for clarification.

The event allowed those fans who bought the homestand package deal early “to encourage players and coaching staff who will start their long journey this year…”. The event was to run approximately 2 hours and included a fan meeting, brunch with the Seoul Dynasty players and Coaching Staff, as well as a signing event. In actuality, it ran 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Courtesy of Seoul Dynasty Live Stream

Gen G. created a customized gift for each member who came to this event. They also allowed for personal cameras and video equipment to be brought, which is big as many fans like to get HD pictures for the players. At the signing, the items to be signed was up the individual, but there was also a pre-printed poster that the team would sign.

Last year around this time, the Seoul Dynasty did a pre-season event with the Guangzhou Charge. At the Pacific Challenge, the fans got to watch a show match between the Seoul Dynasty and the Gaungzhou Charge. This match ended in a tie, but it was nice to see how the new players fit into the team. This year, it seem as if Gen G. decided that the pre-season show match would be at Gen G. Con against the NYXL. The Tiger Nation Club event then fills the question and answer portion as well as the meet and greet signing that the Pacific Challenge had.


As this is a closed event, everyone who was not able to go has to wait for the Seoul Dynasty to release content from the event or for fan posts. Here are a few prediction that the Tiger Nation would like to see come out from the event.

  1. This would be a perfect time for the Dynasty to announce any new players that they have signed. Season 3 is slowly approaching and it is doubtful with all the travel that Seoul would stay with an eight-man roster.
  2. Ryu ‘Ryujehong’ Jehong is no longer a part of the Seoul Dynasty, and for the first two seasons, he was the dedicated Captain for the team. There is a good chance that at this event the new Captain will be announced.
  3. Ryujehong is still in Korea (as of writing). His #14 was said by Arnold Hur to be retired to honor all that he has done for the team. Ryujehong making an appearance at this event would be very emotional for the fans. This prediction is unsure, as Gen G would like to do this in a more public way for all the fans. It is doubtful that the event will be broadcasted. That would make the exclusive event less so for the Tiger Nation Club members.

    *Video content from OGN Jehong x Sorim talk episode

  4. In addition to a Ryujehong appearance, a Jinhyuk ‘Miro’ Gong appearance could also happen. Miro is again interested in being on an OW team. He is very well-loved in the Seoul Dynasty community. Miro showing up to MC or host could be a fun addition to the event.

Wishful Thinking

  1. The Seoul Dynasty Jerseys are amazing. The black and gold color scheme is classic. It was disappointing that they did not get a third kit jersey set during Season 2. It might be too good to be true to have a new third kit jersey revealed at the event.
  2. To see all of the old Tigers at the event would be fun, but as this is an opening to the Season 3, Gen G. will want the fans to focus on the current members of the team. This can also be said for the Gen G. contender team not showing up.

Unfortunately with such short notice, it is doubtful that there will be many international fans at this event. It is appreciated that Gen G. has thought of this issue. If any member of the Tiger Nation Club cannot make it, then the organization will contact that individual personally with a live stream link. The fans who were not able to be there will be able to be present virtually.


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Featured Image Courtesy of the Seoul Dynasty.

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