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Theorizing Potential Experimental Card Modes for Overwatch

Overwatch Experiemental Card

The Experimental Card is a new feature that’s been implemented into Overwatch. Starting off with the Triple Damage, the Overwatch development team is looking into using this new feature to test out potential new additions and changes for the game. With this in mind, what can we expect to see in the Experimental Card mode in the future?

Hero Picks/Bans

Hero picks and bans are something that a large portion of the community are asking for. While its viability is still debatable, it could potentially be an interesting addition to the game. The way the picks and bans are set up could be similar to League of Legends, Smite or DOTA. For an example that is more along the FPS genre, maybe the development team can look to Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege for reference. The developers stated that they are planning on moving forward with a more aggressive patching scheme, so this could be the final push needed before we see hero picks and bans in Overwatch.

However, Overwatch’s characters need to be properly balanced and fine-tuned before they roll out a mode such as this, as several professional players and staff have stated that picks and bans will ultimately result in its own meta.

5 vs 5

Taking a page from the MOBA handbook, Overwatch could attempt at testing a new 5 vs 5 gamemode. This would change the pace of the game to fit better in line with games such as League of Legends, DOTA or Smite and possibly a game type that would compliment it. Having the Overwatch characters set in a more MOBA-esque gamemode could draw in another set of users who are not necessarily as gifted in the more FPS-based aspects of the game but possess the skills to excel in a MOBA. This seems highly unlikely but it could be one that the developers can test out.

Triple Tank, 1 DPS, 2 Supports

This mode will remind a lot of players of when EnvyUs excelled in the meta. It also allows players to show off their prowess on a composition that hasn’t been seen since Apex Season One. It would be interesting to see how players try and adapt to this composition in Overwatch’s current state. Many different tank compositions can be run: one example is triple shield consisting of Reinhardt, Orisa and Sigma. Another example would be a dive composition consisting of D.Va, Winston and Wrecking Ball. This gives tank players a chance to shine on multiple heroes outside of the current meta. Sombra can be played in order to shut down shields through the use of her hack and EMP. Symmetra can recharge her primary fire off of shields. DPS players will be the silent carries in this game mode as tank players will get their time to shine.

There are lots of possibilities when it comes to Overwatch’s new Experimental Card mode. It opens a lot of possibilities for the devs to explore and test out and gauge community response and engagement. Whether it be for competitive or casual play, the developers have a lot more creativity to approach the game than they did before.


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