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The Top 5 Overwatch Contenders Teams of All Time

With Overwatch League on hiatus, it is a good time to look back at Overwatch’s history. Specifically, it is a good time to look at who were the best teams in Contenders history. These choices will be decided by the teams’s results, the talent that went to the Overwatch League and the potential for future rankings growth.

Runaway, 2018 Season 2

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
    • Roster: Haksal, Hooreg, Stitch, SeoMinSoo, Bumper, JJanu, Slime, Twilight
    • This is likely the best Contenders team of all time. This team competed against what would become the core of the 2019 Shanghai Dagons, the Hangzhou Spark and the big additions of the 2019, the LA Gladiators. After finishing second to KongDoo Panthera during the regular season, they breezed their way to the finals. In those finals, Runaway produced one of the best matches in Overwatch History winning in 4-3 fashion. Oh, then they went to the Overwatch League and finished with the best record in the league.

Fusion University, 2018 Season 2

Image Courtesy of Fusion University
    • Roster: Whoru, Zachareee, Bernar, Beasthalo, Alarm, Elk
    • One of the most dominant teams in Contenders history earns a top spot in these rankings. They went 18-2 in maps during the regular season, then went 10-2 in maps during playoffs. The only team the dropped maps to during the playoffs was Toronto esports. That roster featured OWL talent like Nero, Shu, Kruise, Axxiom and Contenders star Vizlity. Pure domination.

ATL Academy, 2019 Season 2/Gauntlet

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
    • Roster: Gator, Hawk, Saucy, Sugarfree, Funnyastro, Kodak
    • This team had one of the best singular seasons record wise in Contenders history. They had a perfect map record during the NA East regular season. They then proceeded to drop a single map during Contenders playoffs. This roster followed that performance up finishing second at The Gauntlet beating the likes of Runaway, Gen.G and played eventual winners Element Mystic close in their first matchups. Meanwhile, their entire roster save the DPS was picked up by OWL teams this past off-season. The only reason the DPS were not picked up is because they were underage. They were stacked at every position.

KongDoo Panthera, 2018 Season 2

Image Courtesy of Overwatch Esports
    • Roster: Luffy, Coma, Roar, Changsik, Shubil, DDIng, Decay, Youngjin, ChoiSehwan
    • They were the second half of one of the best OWL matches ever. They were the regular season champions during the season. Over half of the roster made OWL and had immediate success. While they did not win that season, the amount of talent on the roster was absurd. A large portion of the OWL Season Two Shanghai Dragons core came from this roster. While they didn’t win like these other teams, this was one of the most talented so far.

Runaway, 2019 Season 2

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
    • Roster: Mag, QoQ, Gangnamjin, LeeGaeGon, Yaki, Heesu, Assassin
    • This may go down as one of the better teams when it is all said and done in a few years. They stormed back from a medium regular season to win Korean Contenders. They then went to The Gauntlet and finished third overall behind Element Mystic and ATL Academy. This off-season OWL teams picked up four members of this roster. All of those members are either starting or are not of age yet to play this season. This is not even accounting for Mag who is considered to be one of if not the best main tank in Contenders.

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