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The Overwatch Gilded Gala: What you need to know

Gilded Gala

The London Spitfire and Houston Outlaws have teamed up to created the Overwatch Gilded Gala. Here is what you need to know about the two part upcoming International event, including date and content of these events.

What is the Gilded Gala

The Gilded Gala is a two part event, the first being in London on Oct. 20. This event will consist of a show-match between the two Overwatch League teams. The event will have around three or four different players of both the Spitfire and Outlaws, with various game modes such as mystery heroes, 1v1s and fans getting to play with their favorite players. Along with the players, there will be various social media personalities from each team, as well as giveaways. The second of these events will be in Houston, in January of 2019.

Gilded Gala
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These opportunities will allow for fans of each team to experience seeing their team live. This is greatly welcomed for the London fans, as they are the furthest team from the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles. Similarly, they also have trouble watching some of the Overwatch League games, because of the difference in time zones.

Owner of the London Spitfire, Jack Etienne, said about the event, “We’re really excited to have put something special together for the fans, and it’s been great teaming up with the Outlaws to do it.”

Matt “Flame” Rodriguez, the owner of the Houston Outlaws, said, “As a team with a major focus on fan connection we are beyond pleased to be able to join our friends at the Spitfire to bring positive fan engagements to a passionate esports community and we are really excited to welcome the London team to our home for BBQ and Tacos at a later date.”

What This Means For Fans?

For fans of the London Spitfire, this is an opportunity to see their home team up close, as well as potentially interact with them. As the Overwatch League Champions, as well as the only team from Europe that was in the Overwatch League Season 1, they will surely have many people looking for a chance to see their team, and meet other fans of the Spitfire.

For the Houston Outlaws fans, this is an opportunity to see their team travel, as the Overwatch League will try to push for Season 3. This is a great glimpse into the future for the fans, who will see the home and away matches between both of these teams. They will also be looking forward to the home round of this gala.

Gilded Gala
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Similar Events

The Los Angeles Valiant and San Francisco Shock are taking part in the California Cup. The Valiant will host the first round also on Oct. 20 in Santa Anna, while the Shock will host on Nov. 10 in Oakland. For these events, there will be meet and greets, as well as collegiate and amateur tournaments for teams in the area. Hopeful college teams will compete with each other with the goal of getting noticed by Overwatch scouts at various levels. The Shock and Valiant will look to strengthen their rivalry through this event, as well as get as many fans involved. The California Cup will be taken by the winner of the two events. Hopefully the California Cup can continue throughout the Overwatch League season, and include the Los Angeles Gladiators as well.


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