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The Overwatch Experimental Card Goes Live Tomorrow

Overwatch Experiemental Card

Jeff Kaplan from the Overwatch Development team announced a few weeks ago the introduction of an Experimental Card into Overwatch. With this new developer update, we now know it goes live tomorrow. This new mode will provide radical changes to the game without affecting the traditional game modes.

The change that will drop tomorrow within this new experimental card will be a Triple Damage role-queue. This is to experiment with queue times in the game. With the theory being that Triple Damage queue times will be considerably shorter.

Jeff mentioned that in the future players can also expect balance changes that go far beyond the normal number adjustment. Things like recategorizing heroes, removing heroes from play, and more. Jeff also notes that the changes are not meant to be implemented across the whole game:

“Don’t freak out, these balance changes are not intended to make it to the live game unless we were to put the 3-2-1 system out there.” – Jeff Kaplan

A final important detail to know is that things like event loot boxes, credits, and EXP will still be distributed to players that choose to play in the Experimental card.

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