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The Legacies of MVP Space: Where are They Now?

The legacies of MVP Space, where are they now? MVP Space was a Korean Overwatch Contenders team that started out as an Overwatch APEX team in 2016 within the Team MVP organization. In March 2019 they got renamed to Team MVP, in May of the same year they disbanded.

From T2 Overwatch to the Overwatch League

The most famous names that came from MVP Space are names many have probably heard before of if they have been watching the OWL since the 2018 season. Some of the players went straight into the League while others made it to academy teams or Korean contender teams.

The most memorable names

Kim ”Kuki” Daekuk

Kuki might be the most famous name that came from MVP Space. Kuki went from MVP Space to Seoul Dynasty where he was the main tank for the team. After the 2018 Season, he gets transferred to the LA

Overwatch League, Blizzard

Valiant where he was the main healer together with Custa. Right before the 2019 season ended he left the LA Valiant and retired as a pro player. In July 2019 Kuki joins the Korean Overwatch Contenders team RunAway as their coach. With RunAway he achieved many victories such as winning the 2019 Contenders Season. On November 19, 2019, the Florida Mayhem announced that they hired Kuki as their main coach. Many fans are excited to see what Kuki has in store for the Mayhem in the 2020 season. We can definitely add him as one of the legacies of MVP Space.


Jung ”Closer” Wonsik
Photo: Overwatch League on YouTube

He is the former main support player of MVP Space before going to BC Busan which then became the
majority of the London Spitfire. Closer then was bought by the Dallas Fuel where he still resides to this day and still plays as their support player.



Kim ”Yaki” Jungi

Yaki joined the MVP Space back in 2016 as a DPS player, he played with them in Overwatch APEX Season 3 and Season 4. In early Jan. 2019 he left MVP Space to, later on, join NYXL’s academy team 2XL Academy where he played on for the Overwatch Contenders 2019 Season 1. After the season ended the joined the Korean Overwatch Contenders team RunAway where he played the 2019 Season 2 and the 2019 Gauntlet as well as the NetEase Esports X Tournament. On November 20, 2019, Yaki left RunAway to join the Florida Mayhem.


Kim ”DOX” Minseok

DOX is now the assistant coach for Florida Mayhem. Before he joined the Overwatch League he started as a tank player for EHOME Shield under the name ShoutMin. After a short hiatus, he joined MVP Space as their coach. Not having the highest placements with his team he still shows goodwill and coaches his players well. In May 2019 DOX announced he was a free agent, five months later on November 20, 2019 DOX joined the Florida Mayhem, together with Kuki they will be coaching the team.


Chon ”Ado” Gihyun
The legacies of MVP Space
Courtesy of Blizzard

Ado is a DPS player for the Washington Justice, but before he joined them he played the 2018 season for the Shanghai Dragons. On Sep. 2, 2018 the Shanghai Dragons released him, a little over two months later he joined the Justice. He suffered from 36 consecutive loses with both the Dragons and the Justice but on March 17, 2019 the ‘curse’ was broken, Ado and his team won 3-2 over the Florida Mayhem. Ado left the Justice on October 7, 2019, on the 21st of the same month he tweeted out to be looking for a team within the OWL.


Choi ”Wekeed” Seokwoo
Overwatch Contenders, The Gauntlet. Blizzard

Wekeed is a very well known and loved player by many, he joined the Seoul Dynasty as DPS player and one of the original 12 players. He joined the Dynasty from his former APEX team LW Red, after the 2019 OWL Season he joined the MVP Space in December 2018 for about a month before he joined the Korean Overwatch Contenders team Gen.G.




Kim ”Bianca” Dongwook

For those who have watched Overwatch APEX Season 4 and both the Overwatch Contenders Korea and Contenders North America West will know who Bianca is. He joined MVP Infinity an Overwatch squad within the MVP organization, later on, he transferred to MVP Space as an inactive player however not even a month later he joined the active roster. Where he played with his team for all three seasons of the Korean OWC. In Jan. 2019, he joined the XL2 Academy where he played for the 2019 season of the OWC North America West as well as the Gauntlet. After finishing those he joined the New York Excelsior and will be playing in the 2020 season.


Ham ”Oberon” Eunsang

Before Oberon joined the MVP Space as their main tank in 2017 he was on BK Stars and Flash Lux both are Overwatch APEX teams. However, with MVP Space he built up the most playing experience. He played in all three seasons of the 2018 Overwatch Contenders Korea placing high on the trials but lower in the actual season. After the 2018 season ended he joined Gen.G.


Son ”Undine” Youngwoo

Sub healer Undine is one of the original players of MVP Infinity. He played in the first two seasons of the Overwatch APEX in 2016 and 2017. In April 2017 he joins MVP space, just a few months later MVP Infinity disbands. Undine plays the third and fourth season of Overwatch APEX with MVP Space as well as all three of the 2018 Overwatch Contenders Korea seasons. In Feb. 2019, he joins Element Mystic having a successful two seasons in the 2019 Korean Contenders season.


Kim ”Fuze” Taehoon

Main healer Fuze has a few teams and plenty of play experience under his belt. He played with MVP Infinity and MVP Space from 2017 until Jan. 2019 playing Overwatch APEX Season 4 as well as all three of the 2018 Contenders Korea seasons before joining Gen.G and playing one of the 2019 Contenders Korea Seasons and the NetEase Esports X Tournament. For the second 2019 season of the Korean Contenders, he played with Fusion University. In October 2019 he joined the London Spitfire where he will be playing within the 2020 Season of the Overwatch League.


Lee ”TTuba” Hosung
Washington Justice DPS
Image courtesy of Blizzard

On November 13, 2018 Ttuba joined MVP Space as a DPS player after a successful two seasons of the 2018 Contenders Korea with Seven. He plays with MVP Space the last season of the 2018 Contenders Korea. After the last season, he joins O2 Blast and plays one season of the 2019 Contenders Korea season. In August 2019 he Joins the Chinese Contenders team Bubble Burster Gaming for the second season of the Overwatch Contenders China. In October 2019 the Washington Justice announces that Ttuba will join their team for the 2020 season.


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