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The Florida Mayhem’s New Runaway Talent

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The Florida Mayhem picked up two new players in the off-season of the 2019 season. Gang ‘’Gangnamjin’’ Namjin and Kim ‘’Yaki’’ Yungi came from the Korean Overwatch Contenders team RunAway. They are the new Flex Support and Main DPS for the Mayhem. What heroes do they play and who will they most likely end up being a duo with? What will the new pickups bring for the Florida Mayhem? Who is the Florida Mayhem’s new runaway talent?


The Florida Mayhems new run away talent
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Before Gangnamjin was signed to the Florida Mayhem, he played in a Korean team called CTU and participated in the Korean Overwatch tournament Road To APEX. After that, he went silent in the Overwatch Competitive scene for a year. In October 2018, Gangnamjin joined the Korean Overwatch Contenders team RunAway.

The most notable matches Gangnamjin played were Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 3, NetEase Esports X 2018 Winter Tournament, NetEase Esports X 2019 Spring Qualifier and Spring Tournament, Overwatch Contenders 2019 Season 2, NetEase Esports X 2019 Autumn Qualifier and Autumn Tournament.

Gangnamjin left the team after the NetEase 2019 Autumn Tournament to join the Florida Mayhem as their new Flex Support player.


Gangnamjins signature heroes are Ana and Zenyatta. While those are his signature heroes, he also has phenomenal Moira plays.

He is a very good team-centred player, focusing on healing more than doing damage. In conclusion, he is making sure everyone’s health bar is full. Gangnamjin is mechanically very good, as he places his sleep darts well. His positioning is to play safe, thus keeping himself alive as long as possible, therefore keeping his team alive. His performance is mainly based on the placement of his team and how he can play around them.

Who will be his game partner?

Choi “Kirs” Junsoo is the Main Support player for the Mayhem with his heroes being Lúcio, Zenyatta and Mercy. Gangnamjin’s Ana and Moira would complement Kris’ hero pool. Lee “Byrem” Seongju is the other flex Support player. Having Zenyatta, Ana, and Moira as his heroes Byrem and Gangnamjin could both play depending on the meta. Or accompany Kris if they are in need of an Ana or Moira player.


The Florida Mayhems new run away talent
Courtesy of belo_ow

Yaki has four years of experience within the Overwatch Pro scene. In 2016, he joined the Korean Overwatch Contenders team MVP Space. He actually played with his now-Head Coach Kuki when they both were on that team.

Yaki played in the Korean Overwatch APEX Tournament for Seasons 3 and 4. He also participated in the Overwatch Contenders Korea 2018 seasons 1, 2 and 3. Yaki made a brief transition to the North American Overwatch Contenders team XL2, NYXL’s academy team, where he played for one season of the 2019 NA Overwatch Contenders.

For the second season of the 2019 Overwatch Contenders and for the Gauntlet Yaki joined the Korean Contenders team RunAway, where he crossed paths again with Kuki, who was RunAway’s Coach at the time. Yaki also played with RunAway in the NetEase Esports X Tournament for the 2019 Autumn: Qualifier and the Autumn Tournament. Yaki, just as Gangnamjin, joined the Florida Mayhem as their new Main DPS player.


Yaki was the projectile DPS player with RunAway, mainly playing Tracer, Sombra, Genji and Pharah. His hero pool complements with the current Main DPS player Ha “Sayaplayer” Jungwo. A good projectile player can be a vital part of possible team compositions. Both DPS player of the Mayhem leans towards more hit scan than projectile heroes. Therefore having Yaki will allow for more diverse hero picks on maps such as Oasis that can utilise vertical movement.

Who will be his game partner?

Depending on the meta they will play in the 2020 Season Yaki and be paired up with both Sayaplayer or Lee “BQB” Sangbum. If the meta continues to be 2-2-2 where there is a Pharah and Mercy presence on the enemy team, Sayaplayer’s Widowmaker or McCree paired with Yaki’s Sombra or Pharah would make a good combination to get rid of the enemy’s Pharah and Mercy. Making the enemy team vulnerable, and doing so in an effective manner, could be more than enough to significantly improve the Mayhem’s play as a whole.


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