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The Best Ultimate Combos From The 2020 OWL Season (So Far)

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Five weeks into the 2020 season of the Overwatch League and fans have been gifted with some iconic matchups that will be remember for the foreseeable future. Alongside those great games comes some beautiful ultimate combinations that are unique to a full professional six-stack working together in unison. This season has seen some great single carry plays from certain players, but this list gathers the most breath taking combos of the 2020 season so far.

Haksal and Ryujehong mark Nanoblade’s return to the OWL (Week 1 vs Gladiators)

Ryujehong sleeping Haksal is one of the most iconic plays in professional Overwatch. As previously bitter rivals in APEX, the Titans’ resident Genji and Ana main working together to showcase the unthinkable put veteran OW fans into a frenzy. The pair were able to set up their first combo on Point A of Hanamura, but it was Haksal and Jehong‘s 5K Nanoblade on Point B of Hanamura that solidified its spot on this list. Nanoblade is one of the most iconic combos in the history of Overwatch and it is good to see it back in the Tier 1 scene.

KSF and McGravy combine for a 2000IQ Strat (Week 1 vs Fuel)

Not many critics had the Valiant listed high on their power rankings for 2020 Overwatch League season, but LA easily silenced them with this cheeky play. Going into the teamfight, KSF was able to block off Dallas’ path with an Ice Wall and threw Blizzard into the flustered bunch. As the ultimate perfectly cornered the Fuel into a non-affected space, McGravy sent his Self-Destruct into the unsuspecting enemy and secured the first big D.Va bomb of the season.

Yaki and Gargoyle’s Chilly 4K Blizzard-bomb (Week 3 vs Excelsior)

After both Reinhardt’s tried to bait out each others Earthshatters, Yaki and Gargoyle were able to combine for a clean Blizzard/Self-Destruct combo. The Mayhem’s Karayan was the first to attempt his ultimate, but after being blocked by Libero’s Ice Wall, the NYXL’s Mano went full sprint towards Florida’s frontline. Both teams’ Meis must have seen the inevitable chaos coming as they both tossed their Blizzards into the fight. In the end, it was Gargoyle who was able to capitalize on the duelling freezes with a D.Va bomb. The ultimate caught New York within the corridor of their right entrance and the hallway behind the Point B shrine on Anubis for an instant wipe.

Roar and Stratus Utilize an Interesting Combination of Ults (Week 3 vs Spitfire)

This fight feature Roar and Stratus, who were able to uncommonly combine Blizzard and Earthshatter to stop the diving London squad in their tracks. Going into the fight, Highly decided to Nano Glister‘s McCree for some added DPS. But neither player saw Roar coming in with a Shatter from the top rope. Roar was able to shutdown the incoming electric cowboy and along with some prolonged crowd control from Stratus‘ Blizzard, the Justice were able to cleanly wipe the Spitfire off point with just two huge ultimates.

Gator and Dogman Turn Edison’s Reaper into a Broken Character (Week 5 vs Uprsing)

If Reaper’s damage per second was not high already, then this play shows what happens when Reaper mains play with his damage numbers in Workshop mode. The Atlanta Reign decided to end this Oasis skirmish versus Boston with a Death Blossom boosted by Dogman‘s Nano and Gator‘s Supercharger. Edison was also able to obliterate the Uprising’s Bongo and Immortality Field on top of the 3K for what Jake called a “Devastating AOE combo”.


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