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The 3 Best Ways to Access the 2020 OWL Schedule on Mobile

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Since the start of the 2020 OWL season, the league’s official app has been down for a great many mobile users attempting to access its schedule tab. There is potential this is only the case for Android mobile devices as some have not had issues up to this point. Either way, this makes finding out the time, date and location of each week’s games more difficult than it ought to be. To help make fans of the Overwatch League’s lives a bit easier, here are a few places that the league’s schedule can be easily accessed from your phone.

overwatch league 2020 schedule

Overwatch League 2020 tab on Liquipedia


The source of many OWL player’s match history, previous teams and so much more, Liquipedia is a great resource for any fan of the league and a frequent stop for content creators. However, the site also offers a very easy to use schedule tab that allows users to check the OWL schedule from their phone. Simply search for “Liquipedia Overwatch” on your phone’s browser, click the first link, and scroll down to find the 2020 OWL season under “Ongoing Seasons.”

From there, navigate through the schedule tab by month and even look at previous years’ results with helpful and relevant links along the way. is another site dedicated to OWL news, match scores and updates. This author found their mobile platform to be very simple and easy to use in lieu of the OWL mobile app. To access this, type “” into a search bar and click on the “Matches” tab at the top of the page. Upcoming matches will then be displayed with links to rosters and the stream available from there.

owl schedule
The OWL website on mobile

The OWL Mobile Website

While the app is down, the OWL website is still a good place to see the 2020 match schedule. This is fairly self-explanatory, but it can be found by going to and clicking on the “Schedule” tab. From there, navigating from week-to-week is relatively simple. Most websites use this website to update their own, so if there is an issue here it is likely one that will be found on other sites as well.

If viewers would rather keep track of the schedule elsewhere, or not have to at all, there are other ways to set up notifications on YouTube for when games go live as well as Google Calendar extensions dedicated to the 2020 OWL schedule. The author of this piece has found each of those things, as well as these three sources, to be adequate enough to keep up with the league.



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