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Summer Games Weekly Challenges: Unlock Skins for Reaper, Mei and Reinhardt

summer games

Blizzard has released new skins and cosmetic loot for the 2019 Summer Games event! While most of the content is available in loot boxes or purchasable for gold, three Epic skins are locked behind short-term gameplay challenges.

These Weekly Challenges are formatted much like D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge and Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge. During each challenge period, a win tracker is activated above the game menu. Game wins in Quick Play, Competitive or Arcade modes will run up the tracker and unlock cosmetic rewards. The previous Challenges ran for two weeks each, but there will be one new challenge for each of the three weeks of the Summer Games event.

Cosmetic Rewards

Each weekly challenge offers a total of three rewards — a spray awarded at three wins, a player icon awarded at six, and an Epic-quality skin awarded at nine. The sprays and icons are Summer Games-themed, while the skins are themed after the characters’ countries of origin, in theme with previous Summer Games skins.

summer games
American Reaper. Image courtesy Blizzard Entertainment.

Week One Rewards (July 16-22)

  • 3 Wins: “Shark Attack” – a spray featuring Roadhog rescuing Junkrat from a shark
  • 6 Wins: “Punchimari” – a player icon featuring Pachimari in boxing gear
  • 9 Wins: “American” Reaper Skin – a stars-and-stripes patterned skin for former American super-soldier Gabriel Reyes

Week Two Rewards (July 23-29)

  • 3 Wins: “Snorkeling” – a spray of Mei swimming among coral-dwelling fish
  • 6 Wins: “Tennismari” – a player icon featuring Pachimari with a tennis racket and headband
  • 9 Wins: “Zhongguo” Mei Skin – a red and gold skin titled for the name of China in Mandarin

Week Three Rewards (July 30-August 5)

  • 3 Wins: “Sand Castle” – a spray of Brigitte building a sandcastle with Hammond inside
  • 6 Wins: “Footballmari” – a player icon featuring Pachimari in an American football helmet
  • 9 Wins: “Bundesadler” Reinhardt Skin – a red, black and gold skin, named and patterned after the German coat of arms

Stocking Up on Skins

summer games
Zhongguo Mei. Image courtesy Blizzard Entertainment.

The Summer Games Weekly Challenges stack with weekly Arcade rewards, event rewards, and regular XP. So even if you only win your nine Arcade games for the week, you’ll receive that week’s rewards on top of your three Arcade loot boxes. Quick Play and Competitive wins also count towards the Weekly Challenge goal. Even if your loot box luck runs out, you’re guaranteed to get some new Summer Games content.

The 2019 Summer Games event runs from July 16th through August 5th. Keep an eye on The Game Haus for more news about the event and other up-to-the-minute Overwatch news.

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