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Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here: LA Valiant Summer Showdown Week 2 Preview

Overwatch League Power Rankings

This will be the second best matchup of the entire NA Summer Showdown. The only match that can possibly be better is the SF Shock vs Philadelphia Fusion matchup next week. That is how good this matchup is. The winged beasts versus the fighting Florida men is the most anticipated matchup of the week. It’s a battle between LA Confidential and Miami Vice. Who will win, come take a look.

LA Valiant vs Florida Mayhem

Overwatch League Power Rankings
Courtesy of the Florida Mayhem

If someone before the year said a match up between the Florida Mayhem and the LA Valiant would be a matchup between two of the most exciting teams in the league, people would call them crazy. Here it is though. This is a matchup between two teams who rose from being viewed as bottom half teams to now being top eight teams. The turnaround these two have managed to do should not be understated. The Mayhem went from absolute jokes to now being one of the best teams in the league. The Valiant meanwhile tore down their entire roster, created a new one, were called potentially the worst team in the league. Now they are the ones laughing. 

Both teams are very similar on top of that. They have very talented DPS cores, underrated off tanks, and talented support lines. Both team’s main tanks entered the season with question marks surrounding them and have proved all their doubters wrong. This matchup will likely be extremely close and it shouldn’t be any other way. Two talented teams, only one can win

Matchup to watch: The DPS Duos

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Valiant

This will be one of the best player to player matchups all year. If the two teams go Ashe & Tracer like they are expected to, it will be a barn-burner. The Shax vs Yaki matchup on Tracer looks to be amazing. Both players are in the conversation to be the top Tracer in the league. Shax has put up amazing performances on the hero while Yaki was a major key to the Mayhem making the May Melee Finals.

Meanwhile, the Ashe matchup won’t disappoint either. This season has been a career resurgence for BQB. Previously seen as mainly a Sombra player, he improved all of his hitscan picks massively this season. The Mayhem no longer need to rely on Sayaplayer to play snipers. BQB’s Ashe, like Yaki’s Tracer was one of the key cogs to the Mayhem’s May Melee run. 

His opposition will be the British wonder KSP. In his rookie season, he has not only made himself a top RoY candidate but one of the best hitscans in the world, possibly the best western hitscan, and an under the radar MVP candidate like Haksal last year. He is beyond mechanically gifted. KSP is likely a top three hitscan just in terms of pure mechanics. His statistical profile ranks him as one of the best players in the league as well. His final blows, eliminations, and damage stats are near the top of the league.

This matchup will be won and lost on the DPS likely. If one tandem underperforms on a map, the other team wins. It will be a knockdown, drag-out brawl. When all said and done, it may be the match of the year.

Prediction: LA Valiant Win 3-2

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