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STAPLE x OWL Collection Available for Purchase


First announced on January 16, the Overwatch League has partnered up with legendary NYC based streetwear designer Jeff Staple, to outfit the 2020 season. As previously reported, a lot of care and detail went into this collection, leaving fans eager for more information. Now just a little over a week later, the collection is available and fans can get an in depth look. In his initial statement, Staple said of the collaboration:

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring the best of the esports and streetwear worlds together to create something totally unique & ground-breaking. The kits are not only specifically engineered to perform to players’ specifications, but they’re also designed to look great outside the arena.”


The cost of OWL merchandise has long since been an issue throughout the community. Last year’s plain, base jerseys were $59.99, or $84.99 for player jerseys. In the inaugural season, it was a $10 up-charge to upgrade to a player jersey, so this increase felt steep. Fans felt the sticker shock even further when third kit jerseys were released at a staggering $99.99.

Since Staple Pigeon is considered an esteemed, streetwear brand, it was only expected that price points may be a bit higher. So far, only the short sleeve home and away jerseys have been added to the Overwatch League store, and are priced at $89.99. Fans can expect both the long sleeve versions and the player name iterations to cost quite a bit more.


Images Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via Fanatics.

The store does delve further into the features that will make this collection next level. From lightweight, breathable fabric to side seem gusseting for ultimate flexibility, no detail has been left out. The site also states that graphics, such as the logo emblazoned shoulders will be applied with “soft, durable silicon”. Fans can expect that the same process will then be used for player names and numbers.

NYXL jersey
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via Fanatics.

The home jerseys will display the team name across the chest, while the city name will be imprinted along the back hemline. As for the away jerseys, the design will be reversed, with the city proudly displayed on the front and the team name on the back. The only notable difference will be on the New York Excelsior jerseys. They will sport “New York” on both jerseys and will not have any text on the back. This is due to a possible trademark discrepancy over the printing of “Excelsior”.

Estimated Shipping

When the Overwatch League first announced the collection, they said that pre-orders would be available starting January 28. As of now, the site is referring to these pieces as a “Special Event Item” and says that, “This item will be shipped no later than Tuesday, March 31st.” This could mean that fans will have to wait as long as week 9 before being able to don the new kits. Although it is to be noted that orders will ship for free. The Overwatch League also have confirmed that players will be wearing the new collection starting with opening weekend on February 8.


More details will follow as additional pieces are released.


Featured Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via Fanatics. 

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