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Sources Reveal How The Toronto Defiant Were Able to Acquire Both KariV and Agilities for Less Than $150,000 Despite Other OWL Teams Interested in KariV Alone for $250,000

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Sources familiar with the Toronto Defiant’s acquisition of both Young-Seo “KariV” Park and Brady “Agilities” Girardi have come forward with more details surrounding the details of how the deal was made.

According to sources, there were several OWL teams that were interested in signing KariV before he signed with Toronto, including the Washington Justice and the Seoul Dynasty. There was a bidding war for the coveted flex support that approached at least $250,000, with some reports indicating it may have been as high as $350,000 for KariV alone. It is important to note, however, that neither of these teams were interested in signing Agilities, only KariV.

kariv and agilities
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Until the Toronto Defiant entered the mix, that is.

Jaesun “Jae” Won, Toronto’s General Manager who was apparently very involved in this deal, was the only party able to make an offer for both Agilities and KariV. Considering the Defiant are, according to sources, being pressured to sign Canadian players by their parent company, Overactive Media, Agilities made sense as a player they could potentially sign to fill that need.

Because the Valiant are reportedly downsizing financially in 2020, they were more interested in a deal that took both player’s contracts off their books, even if it meant getting less money for both in the end. Jae and the Defiant, knowing this, offered to take on Agilities contract only if the Valiant also included KariV as a part of the deal. In total, a source has claimed that the Defiant were able to sign both players for approximately $140,000 but the exact number is not confirmed. In any case, this is quite the deal considering the bidding war that was taking place for KariV elsewhere.

defiant 2020 roster
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

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The details of this acquisition illustrate both the many intricacies of how player acquisitions work during this OWL offseason and how masterfully the Defiant were able to make this particular deal work to their advantage. Combine this with their acquisition of Andreas “Nevix” Karlsson and Lane “Surefour” Roberts, and the Defiant look like a potentially very scary team heading into 2020.

The Defiant, along with and all of the other OWL teams still have much longer to go this offseason and will be working to get the bulk of their roster’s signed by the deadline to have eight players by November 15. Until that point, and throughout the remainder of the offseason, The Game Haus will continue to provide news and updates.


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