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Some Possible Outcomes of Overwatch’s Release for the Nintendo Switch

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In a major announcement at the most recent Nintendo Direct, Overwatch was confirmed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch in mid-October. In the wake of such an announcement, fans have to wonder what this collaboration could mean, both for Overwatch as a game and the future collaborations between it and the Nintendo universe. Many have already begun speculating what may come of it.

Overwatch x Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As far back as this past December, people began imagining what a collaboration between these two franchises could look like. Specifically, many, including some writers here at The Game Haus, have begun speculating which Overwatch hero would fit best as a new addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This is something that much of the OW community has latched onto recently, including some of the casters and analysts across the league. With Overwatch’s heroes having such full kits, this is one of the potential collaborations that make the most sense out of the new partnership.

Nintendo-Themed Overwatch Skins

One of the other scenarios that could come out of the new partnership could be a series of Nintendo-themed skins released in Overwatch. Several heroes in Overwatch already fit the mold of some of Nintendo’s greatest. Here are some initial comparisons that this author believes could lead to future skins:

  • Donkey Kong Winston skin
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Tracer skin
  • Daisy Brigitte skin
  • Wario Roadhog skin
  • Link Hanzo skin
  • Sheik Genji skin
  • Chain Chomp Wrecking Ball skin
  • Moira Waluigi skin (see featured image)
winston donkey kong
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The Possibilities are Endless

This list could easily continue to stretch on for quite a while. Combining a franchise like Overwatch, that has taken the world by storm over the past three years, with a tenured and quirky Nintendo universe could lead to an endless number of different possibilities. Fans can now dream of seeing Overwatch characters enter other classic Nintendo games like Mario Kart, and Nintendo characters and maps enter into the Overwatch universe.

Each franchise will have to consider to what degree they want to push this crossover, with things like lore and their games identity to consider all the while. But, whatever they decide, fans most definitely have plenty to be excited about moving forward.



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