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Sinatraa Confirms the Hero for his OWL MVP Skin

new owl mvp skin

Late last night while on teammate Matthew “super” DeLisi’s stream, the OWL MVP Jay “sinatraa” Won revealed which hero he would be selecting for his custom MVP skin. It’s a hero he made his name on this season, the Russian tank, Zarya.

Throughout the rest of the stream, sinatraa didn’t reveal any details into the design of his tailored Zarya skin, just noting that Zarya was the hero he would be helping design a skin for.

This is a fitting choice, especially considering that OWL MVP voting mainly took the first half of the season into consideration. Through the first three OWL stages, sinatraa was an absolute force on the hero and is a large part of the Shock’s success through the entire regular season and now into the postseason, even if he’s been on Doomfist duty.

To see sinatraa in action, be sure to tune into the final match of the 2019 OWL season on September 29. The Grand Finals pit the Vancouver Titans against sinatraa’s team, the San Francisco Shock in an epic rivalry rematch. It’s one you definitely won’t want to miss!



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[…] Jay “sinatraa” Won confirmed that his MVP skin would be Zarya. However, after this leak, he claimed that he was not allowed to see the development of the skin. […]


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