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Sigma and Role Queue Beta Both Officially on Live Overwatch Server

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Beginning today, players will be able to play Overwatch’s 31st hero live on Overwatch’s main servers, along with the all-new Role Queue Beta. Each of these has been available in the PTR for several weeks for players to test out and get familiar with. But now, in their entirety, each is fully accessible on both PC and console.

What to Expect

Anytime a new hero is introduced, there is bound to be a certain amount of chaos that naturally comes along with it. Sigma will likely be picked first in any game in which he is available to play, forcing players to quickly figure out counters and synergies with the new hero. In short, expect to see a lot of Sigma (and his toes) these first few weeks. Also, save up some coin and be sure to check out all of the scientist’s skins and the other parts of his cosmetic kit.

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In terms of role queue, players ought to expect Overwatch to feel very much like a new game. Forcing players to play two of each role (2-2-2) is the largest change to the game since players were only allowed to play one of each hero. This may prove to be chaotic at first and could reveal that certain heroes are a bit out of balance, but should overall be a welcomed change. Also, support and tank mains rejoice, you’re about to queue into games much faster.

Dive Deeper

With all of this change, it’s easy to get caught up in just seeing the surface level of what is happening. For instance, while queueing up for a game as Sigma, check out his Spotify playlist, made by a fan who’s made a tailored playlist for each of the 31 heroes. Or, if the 2-2-2 meta seems a bit new, be sure to check out the latest tier list from The Game Haus.

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