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Should NYXL Fans Be Worried?

Overwatch League

The Overwatch League Regular Season is almost complete. As the season has been wrapping up, there’s a question that needs to be asked: Have the New York Excelsior been shaky, or have other teams just been playing above their expectations?

Every win matters for every other team, but since the NYXL have already clinched a spot, the losses don’t mean as much in the immediate future. However, the NYXL have suffered two losses against the LA Gladiators and Boston Uprising in the last two weeks of Stage 4. This doubled their total overall losses.

As such, should fans be concerned about the NYXL as we approach the postseason? Not at all. Let’s talk about why NYXL fans have little to worry about moving forward.

Overwatch League
Stage 4 Week 5 Standings

The NYXL are the Best Team

It’s no question that the NYXL are the best team in the Overwatch League. They have a proven track record in stage play and lead the overall standings by a longshot. Their track record includes three Finals stage appearances and two Stage Championships. In addition, they are six games ahead of the second-place team in the overall standings. Just based on numbers, the NYXL are the best team in the league.

When it comes to in game skill and adaptation, almost every team points to New York as their toughest opponent. The NYXL have an all-star player in every position, making them a menacing team to play against – there is no one weak spot in the NYXL.

Why two losses then?

If there isn’t a major weak spot in the NYXL’s gameplay, then why did they lose twice? Although there is no one thing that you could pinpoint as the cause of why they lost both games, credit needs to be given to the LA Gladiators and Boston Uprising for playing exceptionally well. Due to the Gladiators exceptional play in Week 4 of Stage 4, they clinched themselves a spot in the Postseason alongside the NYXL and Boston Uprising.

The Gladiators needed to win quite a few games in Stage 4 to make the Postseason and with how hard they were playing, they’ve managed to do it. For the NYXL to lose to a team that is on a hot streak is not something to get themselves down about. Similarly, the Boston Uprising is always a strong contender, who managed to go undefeated and beat the NYXL in Stage 3. Overall, the NYXL lost against two strong teams who are also Postseason Playoff contenders. NYXL fans don’t have much to worry about.

Looking at the Postseason Big Picture

With only a few matches left in Stage 4, the NYXL face the Houston Outlaws as their next opponent. This is a big match for both teams as the NYXL look to end Stage 4 on a positive note. Meanwhile, the Houston Outlaws need the win for a chance to qualify for the Postseason Playoffs. There is a lot riding on this matchup, so expect to see a bombastic bout between these two teams.

If the New York Excelsior fall to the Houston Outlaws, they need to remind themselves of the bigger picture – winning in the Postseason and ultimately being crowned the Overwatch League inaugural season champions. To see how the final week of the regular season and Stage 4 turns out, tune into the Overwatch League.


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